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GeekZone Membership is free. Zip, Zero, Nada! We'd like it to stay that way, so that every geek can enjoy being part of our super epic awesome community! We therefore need a few, special geeks who can support our community and help it to thrive. Will that be you?

As you can imagine, we do have lots of ongoing costs that are needed in order to do everything that we do. We don't get any grants or lottery funding (yet); GeekZone relies entirely on your support.

If you enjoy your GeekZone, please support it generously now. Even just £3 per month - that's less than the average pub pint - will make all the difference!

There are lots of different ways that you can help, so pick the one that works best for you!

PayPal Donation

Make a monthly donation to GeekZone via PayPal. The suggested amount is £5, however any amount will be of great help!


If you would like to take advantage of the exciting benefits of becoming a GeekZone Patron, head over to Patreon right now!


You can also support GeekZone by purchasing items at GeekZoneShop. If it has been published by GeekZone then all of the proceeds go straight to GeekZone. Go buy some super swag now!


If you are a Zazzle creator, or if you have just found something awesome there, follow our handy guide to advertise items in the GeekZoneShop while supporting GeekZone - all at no cost to you!