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A District Regent is the GeekZone Member that represents a District within GeekZone. Their chief role is to help facilitate the activities that take place in their District and liaise with the Trustees and other District Regents in order to further the purposes of GeekZone as defined in [section 3 of the constitution]

Regents are not "the Boss" or "in charge". They simply help to coordinate and facilitate GeekZone activities when necessary. They are just humans like everyone else!

Why are they called "Regents"?

GeekZone named its Regents with help from the popular SyFy television series "Warehouse 13".

The Warehouse 13 Regents are a group of normal people who, in the background, look after something very important. There is no hierarchy and everyone has a unique perspective that helps them to solve any problem that they face.

Similarly, our Regents look after GeekZone. Each brings their own experience to help GeekZone in a different way, to ensure that it gets better and brings more geeks together!

Who can be a District Regent

Any GeekZone Member can become a District Regent, as long as they are enthusiastic and eager to help GeekZone get better & better and to connect with more & more geeks.

How to Become a District Regent

Any Member can run for District Regent by being nominated and seconded by GeekZone members. All successfully nominated members and the current District Regent will then be asked if they wish to stand and if they do they will appear on the list of candidates at the AGM

Term of office

District Regents hold their position from the end of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), until the start of the following one. The AGM is currently held on the last Saturday in November. or from the formation of a new District until the next AGM


There are Frequent meetings of the LDT group and while attendance/telepresence is encouraged regular updates on the status of your district will suffice.

Current District Regents

Name Date Appointed(Reappointed) District
Hannah Baller 25/11/2017 GeekZone Coventry
Grant Hulley 25/11/2017 GeekZone Chelmsford
James Stokell 25/11/2017 GeekZone London


All Regents are;

  • Approachable & accepting
  • Kind
  • Polite
  • Assertive (when necessary)
  • Enthusiastic

GeekZone is a community where everyone is equal and has no "boss".