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So you want a GeekZone near you huh?? Awesome!!! If you are already set and just want to jump in, add your name, location and contact details on the New District Requests page and we will go from there. If you want to know more, read on!

Why found a GeekZone District?[edit]

Do you feel frustrated by the lack of geeky people in your life? Do you want to do more exciting things? Or perhaps you want to have a game of Monopoly with people that actually like it!

Founding a new GeekZone District is the ultimate way to meet new, like-minded people in your area. If you are new in town, its a great way to get to know the place and people around you. If you have lived there for a while, you'll make new friends and learn about local things you never knew were there - some you might even walk past every day!

Do I have to run it alone?[edit]

No! In fact, we encourage you to form a team of local Regents that will run the GeekZone along with you. If you would prefer to start off by yourself, that's cool too.

Available Locations[edit]

Anywhere! GeekZone currently has Districts that serve southern England. If you live anywhere else, or you feel that there should be an additional GeekZone in southern England, then then go for it!

Not in Britain? Who said you had to be?! While British members might not be able to make it to many of your events, we will still give you all the support you need to start your GeekZone no matter where you are on - or off - Earth.

What you will be taking on[edit]

As a District Regent, you will be the go-to person for all GeekZone matters in your area. As a community organisation, GeekZone will not "micromanage" in any way; the vast majority of decisions are left entirely up to you, while the bigger questions get decided by the entire Regents together.

You will be joining a dedicated team of Regents who are all working hard to continue to build GeekZone, so that it can bring as many geeks together as possible.

What GeekZone Expects of You[edit]


All District Regents are;

  • Approachable & accepting
  • Kind
  • Polite
  • Assertive (when necessary)
  • Enthusiastic

GeekZone is a community where everyone is equal. As District Regent, you are not "the boss" - you are the facilitator. Situations may arise that need you to be firm, however no situation ever needs bossiness.

Meeting Attendance[edit]

The Regents hold a meeting on the last Monday of every month from 7:00pm - 7:30pm and serves to update everyone on how everything is going. This is held via skype or telephone and is kept short and sweet. As a District Regent, you or another member of your Regent team would need to give a short update on what has been happening in your District, as well as any ideas that you and your members have had that month.


If you want people to come to your events, you'll need to tell people about them! GeekZone expects its Districts to keep their calendars and social media up to date. This includes sharing information about events, interesting or geeky articles, and emailing newsletters.

What you can Expect of GeekZone[edit]

All district regents receive;


GeekZone will provide you with whatever help and support you need. You'll be hitting the ground running, as we already have many events that are run in every District, such as cinema nights, games gatherings, pub drinks & LAN parties. Of course, you'll have your own ideas on events that can be hosted in your area, which is great! The more ideas and geeks that come together, the better!!

Social media presence[edit]

We'll create profiles on all the major social networks for your GeekZone and give you administrator access. This includes;

  • Meetup
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Any others you ask for

You will also have access to post onto the main GeekZone account across all of these services.


We have a big collection of logos and other artwork that is ready for you to build in to your publications - flyers, emails etc. This saves you time as it lets you simply drop them into what ever you need.


If you are thinking of starting a GeekZone in Britain, then all the Regents will attend your first event and will encourage the rest of GeekZone to do the same. You will also get regular visits from one of the Regents just to make sure everything is OK.


The most important aspect of founding a new GeekZone District is the people. You will make friends with hundreds of fantastic, interesting and passionate geeks. GeekZone already has over 500 members, so with your help, we can bring even more geeks together and you can meet new awesome people.

What to do[edit]

All you need to do is put your name and location on the New District Requests page and we will go from there!

So get creatively geeky and let's spread GeekZone far and wide!!