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Need some more blocks of a particular type to complete your build? Here's where you'll find them

Landscape Feature Complete range

The range in which the block can be found in the map used for the graph.</ref>

Commonly found between Ideal layer

The layer where getting that resource is easiest. We consider the amount of lava/water lakes, the amount of caves, the altitude (and whether it is at the surface), and the amount of gravel/sand.

Implement needed to obtain
Coal ore Layers 0-114 Layers 5-66 Layer 48 Pickaxe
Gravel Layers 1-115 Layers 5-56 Layer 48 None
Dirt (including Grass and Mycelium) Layers 0-126 Layers 5-80 Layer 61 None
Sand Layers 2-112 Layers 43-63 Layer 61 None
Water Layers 1-111 Layers 48-62 Layer 62 Bucket
Iron ore Layers 0-63 Layers 2-58 Layer 42 Stone or better pickaxe
Gold Ore Layers 0-31 Layers 4-29 Layer 28 Iron or better pickaxe
Lapis Lazuli ore Layers 0-30 Layers 11-17 Layer 14 Stone or better pickaxe
Lava Layers 0-85 Layers 4-10 Layer 10 Bucket
Obsidian Layers 2-62 Layer 10 Layer 10 Diamond pickaxe
Emerald Ore Layers 4-32 Layers 4-29 Layer 20 Iron or better pickaxe
Diamond Ore Layers 0-15 Layers 4-13 Layer 13 Iron or better pickaxe
Redstone Ore

Redstone has the same layer and line-size statistics as Diamond, but is generated 8 times per chunk as opposed to 1.

Layers 0-15 Layers 4-13 Layer 12 Iron or better pickaxe
Bedrock Layers 0-4 Layers 0-2 Layer 1 Only breakable in Creative Mode