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A world restoration request, WRR, can be made if an area of the world is significantly compromised, vandalised or corrupted. This could happen when, for example

  • Trolls or griefers destroy a large model or building
  • A glitch causes the world to error
  • Other valid reason


WRRs must not be made lightly, as they cause significant disruption to GeekZoneMinecraft;

  • It is not possible to restore specific areas, only the whole world can be restored
  • All the work that everyone did after the selected restore point was created will be permanently lost once it has been implemented
  • The process can take up to 24 hours complete, during which time access to GeekZoneMinecraft will be restricted.


The procedure is as follows.

  1. You find a situation that could warrant a WRR
  2. You submit a WRR below
  3. GeekZoneMinecraft is locked down as soon as possible - all public access is removed
  4. The GeekZoneMinecraft Regents investigate the area and assess whether a WRR is the best course of action
    • If the WRR is granted
    1. GeekZoneMinecraft will be shutdown for at least 5 hours while the appropriate backup is retrieved and restored
    2. The GeekZoneMinecraft Regents will investigate the cause of the disruption and will, if it was caused by a member, issue bans as appropriate. Griefing is completly against the GeekZone ethos and will not be tolerated.
    • If the WRR is declined
    1. The GeekZoneMinecraft Regents will explain why they feel that a WRR is not the best cause of action
    2. The GeekZoneMinecraft Regents will issue a call for assistance to ask the GeekZone community to help you to rebuild.


WRR's are assessed on the following criteria

  • Impact on the community
  • Time spent on the affected area
  • Evidence of griefing


Place your world restoration requests below

Real & Minecraft Name of Requester

Your real & minecraft names

Reason for Request

Why you are submitting the WRR

Date & Time of Request Screenshot

Use the code

<img src="[URL of image]"/>


Outline of Regents Findings & Decisions

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Joe Bloggs / JoeTheBlog Example of a description 1st January 2042, 10:10am Example WRR