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GeekZone Membership is obtained by joining GeekZone at Geek.Zone/Join. Once your email address is confirmed, your membership is activated!

The benefits of GeekZone Membership include;

  • Access to geeky news, events & updates
  • Access to the best place to catch up with geeky friends
  • Eligibility to stand for election as a Regent
  • Eligibility to nominate and vote for Regents
  • Ability to have your say about what happens at your GeekZone

In order to protect the voting rights of the entire GeekZone community, one person is only allowed one GeekZone Membership. Activating multiple GeekZone Membership accounts is therefore forbidden. Anyone found activating multiple GeekZone Membership accounts will be dealt with according to paragraph 9.4.a.iv of the GeekZone constitution.

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