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The Regents are a team of members that look after the "behind the scenes" responsibilities of GeekZone. They have various duties, such as looking after the money, arranging events or representing GeekZone to the Charity Commission, amongst others.

Regents are not "Boss" or "in charge". They simply help to coordinate and facilitate GeekZone activities when necessary. They are just humans like everyone else!

Why are they called "Regents"?[edit]

GeekZone named its Regents with help from the popular SyFy television series "Warehouse 13".

The Warehouse 13 Regents are a group of normal people who, in the background, look after something very important. There is no hierarchy and everyone has a unique perspective that helps them to solve any problem that they face.

Similarly, our Regents look after GeekZone. Each brings their own experience to help GeekZone in a different way, to ensure that it gets better and brings more geeks together!

Who can be a Regent[edit]

Any GeekZone member can become a Regent, as long as they are enthusiastic and eager to help GeekZone get better & better and to connect with more & more geeks.

How to Become a Regent[edit]

Any member can become a Local Regent simply by joining their local Regents group. If you would like to take on a different role, these are elected by the community at annual elections.

How it Works[edit]

Here's how Regents work within GeekZone - in a Venn diagram. Because everyone loves a good Venn diagram.


Elected Regents hold their position for a 12 month term. This starts at the end of the Annual General Meeting, AGM, and ends at during the following one. Each AGM is held on the last Saturday in November.


The representatives of each Districts Local Regent team, known as District Regents, meet on the last Monday of every month. All the minutes are published for all GeekZoners to review.


The Regent team looks after GeekZone in the following areas

Role Responsibility
Local Regent Arranges events and generally helps out within their District
District Regent A member of the Local Regent team that is elected to represent their District at District Regent Meetings
Treasurer Elected to look after the money
Secretary Elected to arrange District Regent meetings and ensure all the paperwork is done on time
Trustee Elected to represent GeekZone to the Charity Commission
Grand Master Elected to ensures Regent meetings run smoothly. Has a second casting vote if there is a tie


All Regents are;

  • Approachable & accepting
  • Kind
  • Polite
  • Assertive (when necessary)
  • Enthusiastic

GeekZone is a community where everyone is equal and has no "boss".

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