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The Treasurer is the Trustee that is responsible for The GeekZone Treasury. While they can appoint assistants, it is the Treasurer that holds ultimate responsibility for finances at GeekZone. Therefore, they are also responsible for compiling the Annual Accounts, so that the Secretary can submit them to the Charity Commission.

The Treasurer is responsible for;

  • Publishing a monthly financial report on GeekZoneWiki, to include all;
    • Income
    • Expenses
  • Compiling the annual financial report, "Statement of Accounts"
  • Seconding any motion to pay reasonable expenses, where appropriate and justified, so that they may be reimbursed.
  • Seconding any motion to make a reasonable spend, where appropriate and justified, so that funds can be utilised.
  • reviewing GeekZone financial performance
  • ensuring that GeekZone has robust and effective financial controls in place
  • liaising with the Treasury team and with the independent auditor if they are used

As per Charity Commission guidelines, the Treasurer will become a Trustee position once GeekZone attains CIO status.

Incumbent Officer

A list of current Trustees can be found on the Trustee page.