01 FAQ

We received lots of feedback during a recent preliminary funding pot, so thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute! Here are the answers to those questions. Are there any questions we missed? Email hq at geek.zone

  • Is Geek.Zone looking to open a space immediately?
    Yes! Now that Geek.Zone has been awarded CIO status, we are looking to progress to opening our first space as soon as possible.
  • How will Geek.Zone ensure that Geek.Zone/01 is financially sustainable?
    The intention is to start with a smaller space to build the number of people using it. Once enough people are donating regularly, we will investigate the feasibility of a larger space.
  • Will Geek.Zone be charging membership fees to people?
    Yes. Geek.Zone already charges a £1 per year membership fee, and if members wish to upgrade to "Space" membership, they will need to pay a minimum membership fee of £1 per month. The suggested donation is £30 per month.
  • How will security work at the space if isn’t being manned by a staff member all the time?
    Most hackspaces operate on card entry systems, allowing members to come and go as they please. If items go missing, these systems allow the Trustees to see who was present at the time, which allows investigations to be carried out and, if necessary, bans to be dealt. It is most unlikely that such actions will be necessary as Geek.Zone members are awesome people!
  • What if something happens to a member when they’re on their own?
    Adults who are in the space on their own take responsibility for themselves as they would if they were anywhere else on their own. Minors will not be allowed into the space unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Most places require a 3-month deposit. How is Geek.Zone planning to gather this and the other funds needed?
    Geek.Zone intends to seek funding as follows;
    1. Ongoing monthly donations from members
    2. Corporate sponsorship
    3. Crowd funding
  • How will the money be spent? What are the expected costs and income? for year 1, 2 and 3?
    The majority of funds will be spend on rent, utilities and equipment.
  • Has Geek.Zone looked at grants?
    Geek.Zone intends to investigate grants after seeking support from Geek.Zone members. While grants could help initially, ultimately members need to be the ones that keep their space running.
  • How will maintenance get done? Who is going to clean the toilet?
    Since Geek.Zone is a voluntary organisation, members will be expected to ensure that all the little jobs get done. If you see something that needs doing and you can do it, then do!
  • Why is a space necessary? Why does Geek.Zone need its own place to function?
    Every Geek.Zone will give members a safe place to geek, create, eat, relax, and play, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is particularly useful in areas where most facilities shut at 5pm!
  • Why is Geek.Zone not working in a local pub? Is a pub not good enough?
    We do hold events local pubs! All our districts hold regular Pint Nights, why don't you come along? Pubs are great for events, but only the Landlord can really call it "home". Geek.Zone members need a space where they can rest assured that they will be safe and able to do whatever it is they need or want to do.
  • When you say you would hire the space to non-members, does that conflict with being a safe space for members?
    While bookings are potentially something that Geek.Zone could do with its space, it is probably not something that will happen from day 1! If/when Geek.Zone does start accepting room bookings, members will have a say in what bookings are accepted and when. Bookings will also only be accepted from members. Of course, if members do not want to start accepting bookings at the Geek.Zone, it will not happen!
  • Where would the space be?
    The first space, Geek.Zone/01, will be in Coventry.
  • What does Geek.Zone hope to achieve with the space?
    Geek.Zone/01 and its successors will;
    1. Give members a safe space to be themselves
    2. Be open 24/7
    3. Allow members to work, play, eat, create, hack, or anything else. It's not just a hackspace, it's a Geek.Zone!