Geek.Zone (Organisation)


Geek.Zone is a community of geeks. We love every kind of geek, from music to manga and from sci-fi to stitching, everything is awesome! When you come to a Geek.Zone event you are sure to find friendly geeks that just get geekery in a way that non-geeks can't, and love your interest as much as you do.

What do we do?

We meet up and be geeky! Geek.Zone has lots of events where you can meet geeks like you, like our pint nights, visits to comicon and more.

Geek.Zone also has lots of projects that you will be able to sink your teeth into!


Geek.Zone is just £1! If you have not done so already, join now!

We also have fantastic sponsorship opportunities for organisations that would like Corporate Membership. If you would like to discuss these, please post on the forum so that they can be discussed by the Geek.Zone community.


If you feel you are a geek, or just want to make new friends who are passionate about their interests, come and celebrate it as part of an exciting, like-minded community. Join any or all groups, regardless of where you are from or where you live. We are an inclusive organisation - everyone is awesome. If you would like to attend our IRL events, though, it helps if you can get to and from events, as our TARDIS is currently non operational.


Our geekery comes in all of its glorious forms, from Anime to Zombies, we love it all. There are various events arranged in one of Geek.Zone districts and each area is available on Meet Up with a full list of events.

So if you are a geeky girl, or a geeky guy, and would love learn something new, while having fun with great geeks, jump in!


Geek.Zone is run for the geek community, by the geek community. There is no hierarchy, no "boss" - everyone is equal. Anyone can host an event, start a project, or anything they would like.

The admin and organisational type stuff is looked after in the background by Trustees, Regent and the LDT group. Their duties include organising events, finances, health & safety and things like that.

We have a constitution that protects everyone at Geek.Zone. By joining Geek.Zone at Geek.Zone/Join we have all agreed to abide by it.

Geek.Zone is not political or religious. When it comes to that sort of stuff, we have a lovely house on the fence. We are very comfortable there - it's got a pool and everything. While we generally suggest avoiding conversations regarding politics and religion, individual members are obviously free to respectfully express their own opinions, however Geek.Zone as a whole doesn't have one.

Support Your Geek.Zone

As a charity, Geek.Zone belongs to you, the members of the Geek.Zone community. If you love Geek.Zone and want it to be able to continue, please show your support.

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