Space Membership

Becoming an esteemed Member of Space gives you access to every ((Geek.Zone (Physical Space)|Geek.Zone)) – when they open! Our first will be ((01|Geek.Zone/01)) so we need your support!

Become a ((Join|Space Member)) today and pledge your support for ((01|Geek.Zone/01))!

Space Membership also give you access to all the other benefits of Cloud Membership, such as,
* Voting in Elections & Referendums
* Discounts at local Businesses
* More access to the greatest geek community on earth!

!How it Works
You must be a bona fide Geek.Zone member before being able to become a Space Member. Space Membership is, therefore, an upgrade to ((Sand Membership)).

For example, you join Geek.Zone as a Space Member for three months with a payment of £30 per month.{FOOTNOTE(tag=”time”)}We hope you would join forever because it’s awesome, but hey, it’s just an example!{FOOTNOTE} Your first payment of £30 would be split as follows;
*£1 Sand Membership Fee
*£1 Space Membership Fee
*£28 Space Donation
+If you were to Gift Aid that donation, the UK Government would top it up to £35!
Your payment in month two would then be split as follows;
*£1 Space Membership Fee
*£29 Space Donation
+If you signed up with Gift Aid, the UK Government would top that up to £36.25!
Your payment at the start of the third month as a Space Member would have the same split as the second. At the start of your fourth month, however, because your Space Membership is not received, you will be downgraded to a Sand Member which will revoke your access to every ((Geek.Zone (Physical Space)|Geek.Zone)). Since your first payment included your 12 month Sand Membership fee, however, you still retain all the privileges of Sand Membership for the final 9 months. You could then choose to upgrade to Space Membership again at any time.

Space Membership will be made available shortly!