Annual General Meeting 2019

The Geek.Zone Annual General Meeting 2019 will be held in as follows.

VenueUpstairs, Flying Standard, Coventry
Join by VideoYouTube

A quorum must be present by 19-15 or the AGM will have to be rescheduled. It is therefore essential that every member attends and arrives before 19-00.

If you cannot attend in person, please join via YouTube by 2019-11-30T18-50 so that we can avoid connection issues. It works on mobile devices, laptops and desktops so you can join from wherever you are!

We try to keep the AGM as short as possible, as we all want to get on with the cake. On which note, there will be cake!

Voting for Geek.Zone officers in the Geek.Zone/Election will be conducted by The Returning Officer via OpaVote. Make sure you lookout for an email that comes from @opavote.com as it is not spam. If you have not done so already, make sure you get your membership to ensure that you can vote or stand for election.

The Returning Officer for 2019 is James Scott.


  1. Attendees and Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of previous AGM
  3. Chair’s report
  4. Secretary’s report
  5. Treasurer's report
  6. Regents Report
  7. Officers Step Down
  8. Inauguration of Trustees & Regents
  9. Any other business and ‘Final Thank you’.


Annual general meeting AGM Geek.zone 2019
Official notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Geek.Zone. It will take place on Saturday 30th November at 19:00, in the Flying Standard pub in Broadgate, Coventry.
Voting in the trustee elections will conclude at 23:59 on Friday 29rd November
Chair James Geddes
Treasurer James Webb
Secretary Matthew Wadland
Coventry regent Hannah Baller
(Jessica knight General Trustee) absence

Minute from last AGM 2018 were accept by the member.

Chair James Geddes: We have had a very good year, we have achieved charity status we have made new links even today event in Nuneaton Warwickshire council they are keen in helping us with the space the come year there plan in pipeline for Geekzone 01 we have everything place like insurance and charity status we just need to raise funds to be able open the space. 2020 should see use open a space thank you to member being part Geekzone.
Secretary’s Matthew Wadland: Pint night was one of the biggest events 44 people turn up on the 1st of march which was one of the member birthday took up the whole upstairs area in the flying standard, ten pin bowl being has been very good.
Treasurer James Webb: account bank statement will be on website. Start of year £1887.07 end of the year was £2055.59 increase £168.52, donation £614, Raffle £1390, comic cons and markets £639. expenses £700 charity status £800 survey on building, £184 insurance, £144 running meetup £314 events for Coventry con etc.
Regents report
Chelmford just has pint night it growing they don’t have regent
London needs a new team
Coventry Hannah Baller: we have made a lot of good things like Coventry con and not another comic con and the Coventry geek market. We have also got membership for free with voluntary action Coventry, training, workshops for local charity they let us put volunteers position and paid job on there website Hannah try get raffle prize with help James Webb we also made link with health positive vibe choice connection with Warwickshire council and Coventry council we now friends with Coventry geeks we planning networking with people who went geek market. example safeguarding workshops through voluntary action.

New Trustees
For this year 11 member vote
Chair James Geddes vote in 10 to 1
Secretary Hannah Baller 11 votes
Treasure James Webb v Gemma Archer 6 to 5 James Webb vote in
General Trustee Matthew wadland vote in 10 to 1
Coventry regent Hannah Baller 11 votes
Any other business NO
Question asked by members