Dev Group


The Geek.Zone/Dev Group looks after the development and maintenance of software and hardware at Geek.Zone. We are currently working on projects that will support Geek.Zone/01, such as the door entry system and the membership management system.

We are looking for volunteers who can help do all the technical tasks we have! If you know of anyone who might like to help, or can do so yourself, please book a quick chat with James. He'll be able to answer all your questions and get you up and running. All we ask is that you join Geek.Zone and stay in touch via our #dev Discord channel.

What we do


Geek.Zone currently uses TikiWiki to run the website and Member Mojo to manage membership. Unfortunately, we have found several limitations with these;

  • TikiWiki
    • Built in PHP - everybody hates PHP so it has been hard to find people to help us.
    • Not used widely so skills are not transferable
    • Not set up for paid membership.
  • Member Mojo
    • Requires the first name, last name structure. The W3C recommended against this in 2011!
    • Cannot handle membership upgrades
    • No API
    • Does not fulfil our constitutional requirements.

We have tried several other off-the-shelf solutions, but none have met all our requirements. We are therefore building a bespoke solution so that we can make it fulfil our specific operational requirements, as well as integrate it with our other systems.

Furthermore, as we don't want to force people to register twice, members have been prevented from being able to use the Wiki functionality that TikiWiki does do well. This is not ideal, as the members should be able to have control over their website.

Road Map


We are currently working on a Django membership management system. At MVP, this will allow new members to register and existing members to update their information, such as email address, phone number and others. One will be able to pay for membership via Direct Debit. Other payment methods will be accepted manually.

We are also working on a Geek.Zone Android app. At MVP, this will allow members to see all events that are happening across the Geek.Zone community.

v1: Going Mobile

The next step will see membership management added to the Geek.Zone Android app. We will also start to add other payment options, including card, PayPal and cash, so that membership is autonomously accessible to all.

v2: Space

The "Space" membership option will be added to allow members to upgrade for access to every Geek.Zone. We will also add a way for members to swipe into the door at every Geek.Zone with their phone, probably a one time QR code initially.

v3: Wiki

Django will be expanded to include a Wiki, allowing the membership to edit the Geek.Zone website. It will also include a members forum where members can chat and ask for help on their projects.


There are many more exciting ideas on our Trello! Take a look and come up with a few of your own!

How We Do


The Geek.Zone/Dev team motto is "automate everything". It is our firm belief that everything a machine can do, a machine should do, as this allows humans to focus on matters that are more complex.

Open Source

Everything that Geek.Zone members develop for Geek.Zone is also developed for the benefit of the wider community. Therefore, everything we do is released under GPL.


We manage everything via


We make awesome software for a great charity! If you want to help to improve your Geek.Zone, please book a quick chat with James.