Dev Group

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The Geek.Zone/Dev Group looks after the development and maintenance of software and hardware at Geek.Zone. We are currently working on projects that will support Geek.Zone/01, such as the door entry system and the membership management system. We manage all our tasks on Trello.

We are looking for volunteers who can help do all the technical tasks we have! If you know of anyone who might like to help, or can do so yourself, please email us on dev at geek.zone

Open Source

Everything that Geek.Zone members develop for Geek.Zone is also developed for the benefit of the wider community. Therefore, everything we do is released under GPL.

How We Do

We are building in Python using the Django framework. The Geek.Zone/Dev team motto is "automate everything". We are currently using TikiWiki (an off-the-shelf solution), but are looking to move to a bespoke solution that we build ourselves so that we can make it fulfil our specific requriements.

Get Involved

If you want to help to improve your Geek.Zone, just email dev at geek.zone including your GitHub username.