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Geek.Zone relies on volunteers to get everything done! Everyone at Geek.Zone is a volunteer, so the work that everyone does is vital.

What Volunteers Do

We need volunteers for everything! This includes, but is not limited to,

Take a look at the full list of the volunteer positions that we are actively recruiting for right now.

Why Volunteer with Geek.Zone?


Geek.Zone is a charity, unlike many others. We are building a community for geeks like you, and your help will directly assist in making it even better. Geek.Zone is where you can belong.


Do you want to learn new skills? To stretch yourself? To grow personally and professionally? Geek.Zone has real projects that allow you to make a real positive change in a real, positive organisation. If the practice tasks are getting a bit tiresome, put your skills to use "in anger" with Geek.Zone!


Volunteers do excellent work that deserves recognition. Volunteering also gives people the opportunity to gain experience and prove themselves in a way that would be difficult to do without already having a job in that field - the career "chicken & egg" scenario! The Geek.Zone/Chair will be delighted to provide a professional reference to any employer that reflects the contributions that you have demonstrated at Geek.Zone.

How to Volunteer

Get in Touch

You can,

Join Geek.Zone

We ask that all volunteers join Geek.Zone to show that you want to be part of our fantastic community and agree to abide by our Constitution. Membership is just £1+donation each year!

Share your Usernames

Depending on the group that you will be joining, your team will need to know your usernames on the following platforms.

  • Geek.Zone/Dev
    • Trello
    • GitHub
    • Discord
  • Geek.Zone/Treasury
    • Trello
    • Discord
  • Geek.Zone/LDT
    • Trello
    • Discord

Please let your team coordinator know.


The Geek.Zone/Trustees may request that you undergo a DBS check. If you are to be part of the Geek.Zone/Treasury, you will be required to do so. Don't be offended, this just helps to protect the community as a whole.

Geek.Zone will pay for this, so there is no charge to you. All you need to do is provide the following information,

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Home Address
  • Postal address history for the last 5 years
  • Proof of National Insurance
  • Gender
    Unfortunately, the Disclosure and Barring Service only recognises the option of male or female at this time. Geek.Zone, however, respects your true identity; just select in your membership profile.
  • Passport
    Please provide a scan or a clear photograph
  • Driving license
    Please provide a scan or a clear photograph
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address
  • Any previous names you have been known by, and the month and year in which this began and/or ended.
  • Details of anything that you feel the DBS check may show.
    If you know that the DBS will flag something, let us know before we conduct the check. We are happy to discuss this with you and as long as you are honest, it will probably not stop you from volunteering with us. If you fail to declare something that is subsequently highlighted by the DBS, we will be unable to proceed.

We do appreciate that this is quite a long list, however, the DBS requires this information. Geek.Zone is grateful for your patience!

We try to reduce our paper usage, so you will not receive a paper copy. Instead, you will be advised by email and added to the DBS update service.

Once you have all this together, please Zip it together and send it to safeguarding at geek.zone. As this is personal information, we recommend setting a password, which you should communicate to our Safeguarding Officer separately - do not use email. Further details will be advised individually.

Get Going!

Once all that is in place you can get doing! Your coordinator will arrange regular meetings with your team and the Chair will arrange a monthly one-to-one with you. These will help you to answer any questions and share anything that is going well or needs improvement.