About Our Phone Number


Our telephone number is 03000 3000 30. We chose this number for several reasons;

  • Normie reasons
    • It is a memorable number
    • 0300 numbers are for public sector bodies and registered charities, so it reflects our CIO status
    • Calls to this number cost the same wherever you are
  • Nerdy reason
    • When converted to hexadecimal, you get
      0 BB8 BB8 1E
      This could then be expressed like this;


Just to be clear, BB-8 is a character in Star Wars.

How wonderfully nerdy is that?!?!

Please be aware that this line is answered by volunteers, so please don't be annoyed if nobody picks up. Leave a message and we will get back to you.

If you need a swift response, please email hq at geek.zone