About Our Phone Number


Our telephone number is 03000 3000 30. We chose this number for several reasons;

  • Normie reasons
    • It is a memorable number
    • 0300 numbers are for public sector bodies and registered charities, so it reflects our CIO status
    • Calls to this number cost the same wherever you are
  • Nerdy reason
    • When converted to hexadecimal, you get
      0 BB8 BB8 1E
      This could then be expressed like this;


Just to be clear, BB-8 is a character in Star Wars.

How wonderfully nerdy is that?!?!

Please be aware that this line is answered by volunteers, so please don't be annoyed if nobody picks up. Leave a message and we will get back to you.

You might also notice that we advise those seeking Renfrewshire Council in Scotland to hang up and try again. This is because we have received a significant number of calls from people with this intention, mainly because our numbers are quite similar. We have contacted Renfrewshire Council and they have advised that they will take steps to make their number more clear.

If you need a swift response, please email support at geek.zone