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We are building a fantastic, new community hub in Coventry - Geek.Zone/01! This will be a space for everyone to create, play and connect, 24x7. Membership will cost just £1 + donation each month, with the recommended donation being £30.

It will be perfect for

  • Relaxing and socialising
  • Creativity
  • Making - anything
  • Education
  • Work

We have found the property, so all we need is you! Join Geek.Zone as a Space Member now, to be the first to get your membership card!

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What will you be able to do in the Geek.Zone?

Cars City Communication 6618 640

Super Mega Fast Internet

With a dedicated gigabit internet connection - over 65x faster than the local average - you will be able to

  • get your videos on to YouTube in no time
  • play online games with zero lag
  • watch movies in all their 4K glory

Clear Sky Daydreaming Hammock 914929

Comfy Space

Our quiet private rooms & open shared space will allow you to relax, work or play, however you prefer to do so. We have already been donated several sofas ready for you! We just need you!

Books Knowledge Novels 214659


Did you ever dream of the "Beauty and the Beast" library? If you love books then the Geek.Zone will be the place to go! We will have so many that you will never run out! Whether you like to cosy up with a favourite fiction or you are doing research for your thesis, you will probably find the book you need at the Geek.Zone. You will also be able to borrow it like you would from a public library, but without the late fees!


Tools for Creativity

Creative tools like 3D Printers and Laser Cutters will help you to make whatever you want. This could help you to create the next big toy, make a part that the manufacturer no longer produces, or, well, anything!

Cinema Food Movie Theater 33129


The cinema is great but the price adds up! Geek.Zone will have a huge collection of DVDs and Bluays that you can play any time. We will also hold cinema nights to show the top voted movie that month, so you'll get the whole cinema experience without the cinema prices. We'll even throw in some free popcorn!

Entertainment Game Gamer 2692467

Video Games

Together, we will purchase several high powered gaming computers. This will allow you to play the latest games not only online but also with others in the Geek.Zone. Additionally, these computers will be perfect for other high demand uses, such as video editing and graphic design.

Blur Board Game Cards 776654

Board & Tabletop Games

Geek.Zone already has a large collection of board games, however, some of them take a bit too long to play for one of our evening events! Geek.Zone/01 will allow you to play any game, any time, for as long as you want.

Who is a Geek.Zone for?

Everyone! The more people join together as part of the Geek.Zone community, the better it becomes. Since we will be able to acquire resources through community purchasing, items that might be out of reach for many alone can be made available for everyone to use.
These will make it perfect for;

  • gamers
  • remote workers
  • artists
  • hackers
  • families
  • ...and many more!

The following resources will be available for use at Geek.Zone/01 from the day that it opens;

  • The entire video game collection
  • The entire board game collection
  • Green screen, for video production

Over the following weeks, Geek.Zone will look to gather more resources, including but not limited to;

  • Server racks
  • Laser cutter
  • 3D printer
  • Gaming computers

How to Help

  • Membership Fee: £1 per month
  • Suggested Donation Pledge: £30 per month

Would you like to help build this awesome community space? Be part of the geek revolution and pledge your support now!

Our primary goal is to involve as many people as possible, so we have tried to keep costs to a minimum. The suggested minimum monthly pledge is therefore just £30, as this amount will particularly help to build Geek.Zone/01. Feel like donating more or a little less? No problem, any monthly amount is greatly appreciated - just pledge as much as you can afford!

Your monthly donation will give you full access to everything that Geek.Zone/01 has to offer as soon as it is ready. Day or night, any day of the year, you will always be able to get your geeky juices flowing!

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Please contact James Geddes with any questions or comments.

Further Details

Want to learn more about the possibilities that Geek.Zone/01 will open up for you? Take a look at these!

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In short, Geek.Zone is a geeky community that needs your help to open a new awesome community hub, called Geek.Zone/01. You can help by joining now!

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