Annual General Meeting 2018

The Geek.Zone Annual General Meeting 2018 will be held in as follows.

VenueUpstairs, Flying Standard, Coventry
Join by VideoGoogle Meet

If a quorum is not present by 19-15, the AGM will have to be rescheduled. It is therefore essential that every member attends and arrives before 19-00!

If you cannot attend in person, please join via Google Meet by 2018-11-24T18-50 so that we can avoid connection issues. It works on mobile devices, laptops and desktops so you can join from wherever you are! Please ensure your webcam works before the day so that we can see it's you!

We try to keep the AGM as short as possible, as we all want to get on with the cake!

On which note, there will be cake!

Voting for Geek.Zone officers in the Geek.Zone/Election will be conducted by The Returning Officer via OpaVote. Make sure you look out for an email that comes from @opavote.com as it is not spam. If you have not done so already, make sure you get your Cloud Membership or Space Membership to ensure that you can vote or stand for election.

The Returning Officer for 2018 is James Scott.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of previous AGM
  3. Chair’s report
  4. Secretary’s report
  5. Treasurer's report
  6. Regents Report
  7. Inauguration of Trustees & Regents
  8. Any other business and ‘Final Thank you’.


Apologies for absence and attendance:
Chair James Geddes
Treasurer James Webb
Secretary Erin Foster apologies for absent (new appointment Matthew Wadland see below)
Coventry regent Hannah Baller

Minutes of previous AGM:

Chair’s report:
Chair James Geddes: We are working on charity status with charity expert and hope we will hear from them soon and charity status. We also working on Jadine crescent old youth centre propose for Geek.zone 01 space.

Secretary’s report:

Treasurer's report:
Treasurer James Webb:

Regents Report:
Coventry regent Hannah Baller: Coventry doing well we have had good year with one event having 40+ people at pint night we have future event like Chessington world of adventure and other events like Christmas meal at hickory smokehouse also charity status.

Inauguration of Trustees & Regents:
For this year
Chair James Geddes Has held 7 to 2 votes
Treasure James Webb Has held 7 to 2 votes
Secretary Matthew Wadland new elected 8 to 1 votes
Coventry regent Hannah Baller Has Held 8 to 1 votes

Any other business and ‘Final Thank you’.
James Webb proposed a vote on time stamp date format which geek zone has been using for few month format year month day.
James Geddes want geek zone to follow standard the timestamp should be base on ISO8601 year month day.
James webb it should be day month year to keep it in line with the uk
7 to 2 vote count of hands we now follow ISO8601
Question ask by members
On Jardine crescent youth centre propose
How we going fund it with grants and donation
Guarantor and it may affect the persons getting mortgages
Business rates Coventry may not give use full business rate relief from one of member who work with another charity.