Annual General Meeting 2020

The Geek.Zone Annual General Meeting 2020 will be held in as follows.
||Venue|”General” channel on our ((Discord))

A quorum must be present by 19-15 or the AGM will have to be rescheduled. It is therefore essential that every member attends and arrives before 19-00.

Voting for Geek.Zone officers in the ((Elections|Geek.Zone/Election)) will be conducted by The ((Returning Officer)) via [|OpaVote]. Make sure you look out for an email that comes from as it is not spam. If you have not done so already, make sure you get your ((membership)) to ensure that you can vote or stand for election.

The ((Returning Officer)) for 2020 is James Scott.

#Attendees and Apologies for absence
#Minutes of previous AGM
#Chair’s report
#Secretary’s report
#Treasurer’s report
#Regents Report
#Officers Step Down
#Inauguration of Trustees & Regents
#Any other business and ‘Final Thank you’.

AGM Minutes – 2020. By Secretary.

James Geddes
Matt Wadland
Hannah Baller
James Webb
Carwyn Nelson
Andrew Galding
Fadime Wroe
James Scott
Richard Coles
Sam Winterhalder

All in agreement that last year’s minutes were accepted by all attendees.

Chair’s report
Unfortunately we were unable to get a space this year due to COVID-19
New membership setup – able to pay memberships by direct debits and is more user friendly.
Regular virtual pint night each Friday. Is bringing together more members from across all Geek.Zone districts.
Positive side to lockdown – has brought more people together online.

Secretary’s report
10 meetings in total.
Members from other districts are interested in doing online events more once
John and Aaron are DBS checked and have had credit checks to ensure they are qualified to handle our finances.

Treasurer Report

Turnover £658
£1546 total
AWS Grant – allowed us to run MineCraft.
Insurance £198
Storage Garage is now transferred to Geek.Zone.
John and Aaron are 2 new members helping in the Treasury, helping bringing organisation to the accounts. Thank you to them for their help, and to the whole Treasury Team.

Regent Report

Regular events: Friday Pint night, once a month on a Wednesday Movie night and Saturday movie night is working well.
More ‘spontaneous’ events are

Trustees step down
Returning Officer – James Scott:

Votes cast: 11

Hannah Baller – Secretary + Coventry Regent
Matt Wadland – Treasury
James Geddes – Chairman


Carwyn Nelson: do we have any projections for GZ for the current financial projections? Treasurer – currently John is working on this to get an outcome. This answer will be published on the website and all members will be updated through an email.

Chairman: we have been able to set up access to PluralSite (online learning platform for tech etc). If any member wants access it is available to all members they are more than welcome.

Chairman: if any member wants to learn more about the technical side of things and wants a straightforward server Geek.Zone can support them. Enables users to have a ‘starter’ website. Progress has been made, and more opportunities have been made available to members.

Secretary: creating a Christmas party, going to create a poll to see what people want to do. Everyone can take a picture of a Christmassy piece of clothing so then it can be posted on the website and/or social media.

Conclusion – 19:44.

Chairman: thanks everyone for such a successful year and thank you to everyone who is part of Geek.Zone, you make it awesome!

The full AGM recording is available on [|YouTube].

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