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Geek.Zone is a not-for-profit organisation that is building a massive, open, and friendly, geek family. We run events throughout the community and are building Geek.Zone community centres.

We can only do this together, so our Geek.Zone needs you. Yes, specifically you! We do not receive any grants or fees and most of our events are free. Everything our Geek.Zone does is only possible because of support from awesome people like you.

Together we have built something great. If you want our Geek.Zone to level up and be epic awesome, be part of it. Help build an epic awesome future for our Geek.Zone by showing your support today!


Helping Geek.Zone helps our community to help you! Here are some reasons to help build our Geek.Zone together;

  • Even though we are a "non-profit", Geek.Zone does actually still need to make profit in order to continue functioning! It is a very misleading term! Read more...
  • Geek.Zone has lots of less visible costs. Without your support, Geek.Zone could not pay for any of these and so could not operate.
  • Geek.Zone also buys awesome equipment. By purchasing together as a community, the spending power of each individual member can be increased by several orders of magnitude! Save money and the planet; help Geek.Zone to purchase that new gadget together. Learn More...

The best way to help is...


Do you want to join a community of like-minded individuals? Do you want to belong to something bigger? Why not join Geek.Zone today?!

  • Events, both IRL and online
  • New experiences
  • New friends

Geek.Zone membership is just £1 per year!

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