Build Our Geek.Zone

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Geek.Zone is a not-for-profit organisation that is building a massive, open, and friendly, geek family. We run events throughout the community and are building ((Geek.Zone (Physical Space)|Geek.Zone)) community centres.

We can only do this together, so our Geek.Zone needs you. Yes, specifically you! We do not receive any grants or fees and most of our events are free. Everything our Geek.Zone does is only possible because of support from awesome people like you.

Together we have built something great. If you want our Geek.Zone to level up and be epic awesome, be part of it. Help build an epic awesome future for our Geek.Zone by showing your support today!

Helping Geek.Zone helps our community to help you! Here are some reasons to help build our Geek.Zone together;
*Even though we are a “non-profit”, Geek.Zone does actually still need to make profit in order to continue functioning! It is a very misleading term! ((profit|Read more…))
*Geek.Zone has lots of less visible ((Treasury|costs)). Without your support, Geek.Zone could not pay for any of these and so could not operate.
*Geek.Zone also buys awesome ((equipment)). By purchasing together as a community, the spending power of each individual member can be increased by several orders of magnitude! Save money and the planet; help Geek.Zone to purchase that new gadget together. ((Community Purchasing|Learn More…))

The best way to help is…
Do you want to join a community of like-minded individuals? Do you want to belong to something bigger? Why not ((Membership|join Geek.Zone)) today?!
* Events, both IRL and online
* New experiences
* New friends

Geek.Zone membership is just £1 per year!
!Other Ways to Help
!!-Bank Transfer
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!!-Amazon Smile
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!!-Standing Order
If you would prefer to contribute little and often, or perhaps even large and often, then Standing Order is a great way to do it. Just give our ((Bank|bank details)) to your bank and they will do the rest!

In comparison to our digital payment methods, cheques are a bit complicated! If you can, please use PayPal or Bank Transfer (see above).

Before you write out your cheque, add the £1.40 cheque processing fee to the total you wish to pay.

+This charge is levied by [|NatWest], not Geek.Zone.

Write out your check to ”Geek.Zone”

If you are paying your membership fee, please write a note that states

+”Membership fee for” ,

Put the [|correct postage] on the envelope.

Address that envelope to [,NN1%202EY|Natwest]

Put your note, cheque and your stamped, addressed envelope into another envelope

Put the [|correct postage] on your outer envelope

Address the outer envelope to ((address|Geek.Zone HQ))

Pop it in the post

Once we receive your cheque, we will add a paying-in slip and use your stamped addressed envelope to send your check on to NatWest.

Once NatWest receive your cheque, they will process it within 5 working days. Clearing the cheque can take an additional 3 to 5 working days.

It could take up to four weeks for your payment to reach us by cheque.

Have you enjoyed a Geek.Zone event? Tap your card or phone on the reader to donate as you leave! Your support helps Geek.Zone to hold and improve its great activities!

All major cards and contactless payments are accepted, including but not limited to;
* Apple Pay
* Google Pay
* Samsung Pay
* Master Card
* Visa
* AmEx

Do you have a thing that you no longer use? Giving it to our Geek.Zone will allow the entire community to enjoy it as you once did! See our ((Wishlist|wishlist)) for items that we are particularly eager to acquire!

!!-iZettle Promo
Geek.Zone is working with iZettle to help UK organisations accept cards and contactless payments. If you find a retailer that still does not accept them, rather than simply walking away, show them the image at ((Card|Geek.Zone/Card)). They can
* take a photo of this with their phone,
* scan the QR code, or
* write down that address
and review the information at their leisure.

Explain that more and more people are carrying little to no cash. This means that not only will iZettle help to increase their sales but also, if they sign up to iZettle through us, they get £10 for free and so do we!

This is a great way for you to help build our Geek.Zone without parting with any cash, as well as helping local businesses!

It might be a sombre thought, however, some day we will all give up the ghost, kick the bucket, push up the daisies; die. There’s not even any respawn points! Planning and discussing these matters with your loved ones before it is too late can, however, make it all a little easier.

Your collection is historic and important. It has brought you tremendous joy and happiness over the years and you want others to experience this too. If you want to ensure that it finds a good home, rather than just broken up and sold to [|randomers] on eBay, leave it to Geek.Zone in your will. Geek.Zone will never part with your donation, so this will allow everyone in the community you love to;
* love your collection…
* enjoy your collection…
* look after your collection…
…with as much care and respect as you did. If you wish, we can also include plaques with your choice of message, such as, “Posthumously Donated to Geek.Zone By…” or “Geek.Zone Lovingly Remembers…” for example.

If you would like to discuss this, please email [email protected] and we will buy you a coffee – or something stronger if you prefer!

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