Card Payments

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At our events and shows, Geek.Zone accepts all major card and contactless payment methods via iZettle. While they do charge us a small fee for each transaction, Geek.Zone receives 98.25% of the funds. If you would like to add a tip to each transaction to support your community, then you’ll be a geeky rock star!

!Accept Card Payments
Do you sell stuff? Whether you are a [|chippie|_blank] or a [|chippie|_blank], you need to accept cards! According to [|The Guardian|_blank], “People just don’t carry cash nowadays”!

Relying on cash significantly limits the number of customers you can reach. You could be losing customers as a result!

According to an Opinium Research study (1), of your potential customers;
* Most carry less than £23 in cash.
* 24% of 18 – 34 year olds carry ”less than £5” in cash.
* 32% might walk away from a purchase where they could not pay by card.
* 24% ”have” walked away a purchase where they could not pay by card in the past year.
* Many that you turn away or direct to a cash point go straight to a card taking competitor.
* 43% have a lower opinion of a business that does not take card payments.
* 70% prefer to pay by card.
* 58% of 18 – 34 year olds get ”frustraited” when they cannot pay by card.

The solution is iZettle!
* Well known provider, established 2010
* Easy, quick and cheap, just 1.75% fee
* Small fee, big custom increase

Why don’t you take cards currently?
* Too expensive
+ iZettle costs just 1.75% and removes the time & costs associated with cashing up
* Would add more work
+ Cashing up can take hours, iZettle adds up for you
* Takes too long to reach my bank
+ iZettle can pay daily.
* Trying to avoid the tax man
+ That’s tax evasion which is illegal. There are lots of legal ways to be tax efficient.
* Less secure
+ iZettle uses internationally accepted encryption and removes the need to have cash in your premises that could be fake or get lost
* Not big enough
+ Have some confidence! iZettle is available to all organisations
* Too difficult or too technical
+ iZettle make the process super easy, give it a go!
* Not allowed to charge for the processing fee
+ The surcharge ban is intended to prevent hidden costs. It does not prevent you from raising your prices
* Card terminal rental is too expensive
+ Your first iZettle card reader can be purchased for just £29. There are no ongoing reader charges.
* Taking cards is impractical or takes too long
+ Contactless payments of up to £50 can be completed in under 1 second. This is significantly quicker than counting out change!
* Don’t need to accept cards
+ See the Stats section to understand how you are missing out!

!Too Long; Didn’t Read
* Cash is being used less, so relying on it means you are losing custom.
* Accepting cards leads to more purchases.
* iZettle is quick, easy and cheap

!Get Yours Now
Get iZettle via Geek.Zone and;
* Geek.Zone gets a £10 donation
* You get £10 for free!

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(1) Online interviews were carried out with 506 senior management members within SMEs between 18 July and 1 August 2016. A separate study of 2,002 adults aged 18+ (nationally representative) was conducted between 5th and 8th July 2016. All research was carried out by Opinium Research.