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Due to the current public health crisis, Geek.Zone has taken the decision to move events online where possible or to cancel them. For an organisation that primarily promotes face-to-face social interaction, this is obviously quite a blow, but the safety of not only the Geek.Zone community, but also everyone in Britain and further afield must be our priority.

You can find specific event information on our calendars;
* [|Geek.Zone/Coventry on Meetup]
* [|Geek.Zone/Chelmsford on Meetup]
* [|Geek.Zone/London on Meetup]

We are currently using ((Discord|Discord)) to ensure that we can all stay in touch.
* Signup is required
* Free & quick to register

Refer to the event listing on Meetup to see which one that particular event is using.

!What to Do
Please join us in the global effort to defeat coronavirus. Follow the [|Government instructions|_blank] and come to our Virtual Pint Night on Discord, Fridays from 1900!

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