Geek.Zone runs Elections in the run up to every AGM. These allow the Geek.Zone community to select the people that they want to look after the legalities and behind the scenes work that keeps Geek.Zone running, as well as representing Geek.Zone to the wider world.

Geek.Zone/Elections are operated and administered by the ((Returning Officer)).

The roles that are elected at each Geek.Zone/Election are as follows.

The ((Trustees|Geek.Zone/Trustees)) are legally responsible for Geek.Zone as a parent is responsible for their child.

There is no limit on the number of Trustees that Geek.Zone can have at any one time. Trustees are therefore elected on an individual basis, rather than standing against another candidate.
!!Trustee Chair
The ((Trustee Chair|Chair)) is one of the required Trustee roles at Geek.Zone. Should a vote be tied, the Chair has the deciding vote. The Chair is also seen as a spokesperson for Geek.Zone. The Geek.Zone community should elect the person who it feels would do this in the best interests of Geek.Zone.

Since there is only one seat for this position, candidates standing for election as Trustee Chair stand against each other.
!!Trustee Secretary
The role of the Secretary is to help ensure the smooth functioning of the Management Committee. This includes maintaining effective records and administration, upholding the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law, company law etc (where relevant).

Since there is only one seat for this position, candidates standing for election as Trustee Chair stand against each other.
!!Trustee Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for the financial conduct of Geek.Zone. They make sure that Geek.Zone is spending wisely and prepare the accounting reports required by the auditors.

Since there is only one seat for this position, candidates standing for election as Trustee Chair stand against each other.
A Regent helps to facilitate and coordinate activities within their Geek.Zone/District.

One Regent seat is available in;
* Geek.Zone/Coventry
* Geek.Zone/Chelmsford
* Geek.Zone/London

!! Eligibility
In order to be eligible to vote, or to stand for office, ((Cloud Membership)) or ((Space Membership)) must be attained 5 days before Voting Commences. Your email address must be confirmed before this date.
The ((Returning Officer)) sends out notifications relating to the Geek.Zone/Elections. This include;
* Call for Candidates
* Voting Official Notice
* Voting Commencement
* Voting Conclusion
Notifications are sent to members via email, as well as being published on the [/blogs|Geek.Zone/Blogs] and Geek.Zone social media channels. The Returning Officer issues these according to the ((Annual General Meeting Notification Schedule)).
All candidates must be proposed by another Geek.Zone member and seconded by a different Geek.Zone member. Candidates must also confirm that they are willing to stand and able to satisfy the 12 month commitment to the Geek.Zone community. Candidates may not propose or second themselves.

Candidates are required to provide a candidate statement in text, and to record a candidate video. These should explain who you are and why you are the best person for the role. These are published on the Geek.Zone website and social media channels in order to ensure that they are seen by the maximum number of people. Candidates should liaise with the Returning Officer in order to ensure that these are published before voting commences.
Voting is carried out via OpaVote. From the date of the official Call for Candidates until the conclusion of the AGM, the Returning Officer takes sole control of the OpaVote account in order to ensure absolute transparency. Only the Returning Officer has the password, so is absolutely not allowed to die! Members should expect an email from an @opavote.com email address.
All Geek.Zone Officers stand down at the start of the AGM. During the AGM, the newly elected Officers are inaugurated to the post to which they have been elected.

!List of Elections
Details on specific elections can be found at the page for that year.
* ((Elections 2018))
* ((Elections 2019))

* (alias(elections))
* (alias(General Election))

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