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Non-member1 Sand MembershipSpace Membership2
IRL Eventsup to 53 YesYes
Online Eventsup to 53 YesYes
Voting for Geek.Zone OfficersNoYesYes
Voting in Geek.Zone ReferendumsNoYesYes
Emergency contact callNoYesYes
Access to Geek.Zone/Minecraft Server4 NoNoYes
Access to Geek.Zone Discord ServerYesYesYes
Access to Geek.Zone Discord Members ChannelNoYesYes
Discounts at Local Businesses5 NoWith Membership CardWith Membership Card
Access to every Geek.Zone6 NoNoYes
Membership Cost (GBP)Not a Member£1 + Donation Annually£1 + Donation Monthly
Digital Membership CardNoComing Soon!Coming Soon!
Physical Membership CardNo£10 (GBP)£5 (GBP)

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1 Includes followers on Facebook, Meetup, Twitter etc
2 Space Membership is an upgrade to Sand Membership, see Space Membership
3 Non-members are allowed a total of 5 events to decide whether they like Geek.Zone and want to become a member, where
(5 events)=(sum of online events)+(sum of IRL events)
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4 Currently offline, join now to help get it back!
5 More being added all the time!
6 Physical community hub spaces, starting with Geek.Zone/01 - when they open! Join now to help build them!