Openness Policy

Geek.Zone has been an [|Open Organisation] since its inception. We are here for the Geek.Zone community and want those who are considering membership to be able to feel confident that Geek.Zone will support them in any way it can. This was first officially decided by the putative trustees before Geek.Zone received CIO status and was reaffirmed by the Trustees at a meeting on 2019-05-11.

We do this through the following guiding principles.

In short, this means that we publish ”everything” we do, with the exception of matters that relate to ((GDPR|GDPR)) or ((Safeguarding Policy|Safeguarding)). You can find all our code on [|GitHub] and everything else by [|searching the wiki].

This does not override the requirements of the ((GDPR|GDPR)) or our ((Safeguarding Policy|Safeguarding Policy)).

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