Thanks for your interest in becoming a Geek.Zone Partner! Geek.Zone is eager to strengthen ties within our community, so your support in that is invaluable.

How Geek.Zone can Help You

Drive our Members to You

Geek.Zone can direct its members to your products and services. We have three districts across Britain, in Coventry, London & Chelmsford. Our membership is quite diverse, however, a majority are in the hard-to-reach 18 to 35 bracket.

Social Media

Self-identifying as geeks, the majority of our members have smartphones and are members of all the major social media platforms. Any offers you give could be dependent on receiving a follow from that individual first. This way, you gain real, local followers.

Your Logo on Banner

We can display your message our PennyPixels banner, for a whole year! Each pixel is just £0.01 so would be a great way to advertise and support your community.

Card Sponsorship

We provide membership ID cards to all members so that they can show them to retailers and receive membership discounts. By sponsoring the production of those cards, we will put your logo on the reverse of every single card, meaning that your logo and contact details will stay with every member at all times. We recommend providing members with a discount on your products or services to encourage them to go to you.

How You can Help Geek.Zone

Member Discounts

Many companies, such as Costco, have shown that by offering something small for free, customers are persuaded to make larger purchases. In order to encourage our members to come to you, they need to see that they are getting something that is not otherwise available to the general public. This could be something small, such as;

  • a free coffee with the purchase of a cake
  • a "buy two get one free" offer
  • a small discount like 5% or 10%

Clearly, the greater the discount, the more persuasive it becomes.

Beermat Display & Distribution

Geek.Zone produces beermats to help spread the geeky love! Not only do they tell your customers about Geek.Zone but they are actually useful in your operation! We really love it if you were able to distribute our beermats to your customers and use them around your premises.

Social Investment

Geek.Zone is fighting anxiety and depression by connecting people through their shared interests. We can agree on Key Performance Indicators and set targets, then using your investment, work to meet them.


All donations go towards keeping our events free, our membership fees low and our equipment plentiful.


If you would prefer some other form of Sponsorship, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

What Geek.Zone Cannot Do

Just to be clear, Geek.Zone will never share member personal data. We can only encourage members to utilise your products or services but, as with all forms of advertising, cannot make any guarantees or promises regarding return on investment, footfall, or any other form of uptake.
Geek.Zone is also unable to work with companies whose mission conflicts with the Geek.Zone/Constitution or those who produce adult products or services.

Too Long; Didn't Read!

To discuss how we can help each other, give James Geddes, Geek.Zone Trustee, a call or email today.