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To build ((01|Geek.Zone/01)), Geek.Zone needs your pledge for monthly contributions towards its [|costs]. If enough people pledge enough, perhaps we can get a small place open sooner!

Just to be clear, Geek.Zone is not asking for your money at this time. We just want to find out how much you would be willing to contribute in order to use all the facilities. Please think about how much Geek.Zone/01 could help and how much you would enjoy it, and make your pledge accordingly.

The suggested donation is £30 per month, which will get you 24 hour per day, 7 day per week, access to everything that Geek.Zone/01 has to offer. While it would be great if we could all contribute at least £30 per month, any pledge amount above £1 will be most gratefully welcomed.

If you want to help build Geek.Zone/01…
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