Returning Officer

The Returning Officer is the Geek.Zone member that takes responsibility for overseeing all Geek.Zone elections and referendums. They are not allowed to stand, as this ensures impartiality.

Becoming The Returning Officer

Since it is not an elected position, any individual Geek.Zone member can volunteer to perform the duties of The Returning Officer ahead of each election or referendum, as long as they do not intend to stand for any other role. Should more than one person volunteer, one individual is selected by random means. This ensures that no biases are involved.


The Returning Officer must,

  • Arrange for two independent accredited observers to monitor proceedings and to serve as scrutineers to supervise the conduct of the ballot and the counting of votes
  • Send out notifications on the appropriate dates that include;
    • The date that voting will commence
    • The date that voting will conclude
    • Details on what is being voted on or of persons standing for election or re-election
    • Details of where the information may be found on our website
    • Encouragement to get the right to participate by obtaining Cloud Membership or Space Membership if recipients have not done so already.

If an election is being held, the Returning Officer must also,

  • Seek candidates
  • Seek candidate proposers
  • Seek candidate seconders
  • Seek candidate text statements
  • Publish candidate statements on the election page
  • Record candidate statement videos
  • Publish candidate video statement on our YouTube channel and embed into the election page

Finally, the Returning Officer attends the General Meeting, usually the AGM, and announces the results!

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