Space Membership

Becoming an esteemed Member of Space gives you access to every Geek.Zone - when they open! Our first will be Geek.Zone/01 so we need your support!

Become a Space Member today and pledge your support for Geek.Zone/01!

Space Membership also give you access to all the other benefits of Cloud Membership, such as,

  • Voting in Elections & Referendums
  • Discounts at local Businesses
  • More access to the greatest geek community on earth!

How it Works

You must be a bona fide Geek.Zone member before being able to become a Space Member. Space Membership is, therefore, an upgrade to Sand Membership.

For example, you join Geek.Zone as a Space Member for three months with a payment of £30 per month.1 Your first payment of £30 would be split as follows;

  • £1 Sand Membership Fee
  • £1 Space Membership Fee
  • £28 Space Donation
    If you were to Gift Aid that donation, the UK Government would top it up to £35!

Your payment in month two would then be split as follows;

  • £1 Space Membership Fee
  • £29 Space Donation
    If you signed up with Gift Aid, the UK Government would top that up to £36.25!

Your payment at the start of the third month as a Space Member would have the same split as the second. At the start of your fourth month, however, because your Space Membership is not received, you will be downgraded to a Sand Member which will revoke your access to every Geek.Zone. Since your first payment included your 12 month Sand Membership fee, however, you still retain all the privileges of Sand Membership for the final 9 months. You could then choose to upgrade to Space Membership again at any time.


Space Membership will be made available shortly!

1 We hope you would join forever because it's awesome, but hey, it's just an example!