Why 01

If you need a little extra persuasion on why you should make your Geek.Zone/01Pledge and help to build Geek.Zone/01, here are some important points to consider.

Hub for the Community

No matter what you are doing at Geek.Zone/01, you will be making new friends while doing it.


Many for-profit "co-working" office providers in the West Midlands charge significantly more than the Geek.Zone/01 suggested donation of £30 per month and do not include everything that Geek.Zone/01 will;

  • The Wheelhouse, Coventry
    • £49/month, limited to 25 hours = £1.96 per hour, or
      £79/month, limited to 50 hours = £1.58 per hour
    • No gigabit internet
    • Meeting rooms cost up to £25/hour extra
  • Innovation Birmingham
    • "Just" £118 per month
    • "Super fast" internet, not gigabit
    • Meeting rooms cost extra
  • AlphaWorks Birmingham
    • £20 for one day, or
      £250 per month
    • "superfast WiFi" not gigabit ethernet
    • Meeting rooms cost extra

There are many more, however, you get the point!


Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of similar resources in Coventry or the West Midlands. For example, we have not found any co-working or hot-desk provider that offers

  • Board & Video games
  • Creativity tools like 3D printers & Laser cutters
  • 24/7 access - for when inspiration strikes at 3 am!

Additionally, while our social and community focus clearly makes every Geek.Zone more than just a hackspace, we cannot even find any active hackspaces in Coventry. The closest is all the way in Birmingham!

Community Purchasing

Save your money and purchase together! When we work together, we can do more. Read More...

Build for Better, Together

By pledging to help build Geek.Zone/01, you are not only helping to build a fantastic community centre that will have lots of cool stuff, but you are also helping to build our community. Ultimately, this is the main "Unique Selling Point" (to use the corporate jargon) of each Geek.Zone; our focus is primarily on bringing the community together in a supportive, safe and social environment that enables you to make lifelong friends and live a happy, healthy life.