Zone Ideas

There are lots of possibilities for every Geek.Zone! Since we are able to purchase as a community, we can acquire resources that might be out of reach individually. Here are a few ideas.

Just to be clear, these are ideas for what each Geek.Zone could offer, not plans for what they will offer. The Geek.Zone community will ultimately decide what we want in their Geek.Zone!


Head Mounted Display

While the price has come down significantly over the last few years, head-mounted Virtual Reality displays like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are still a bit on the pricey side for many people. Together, we could purchase several of these units, enabling an immersive and multiplayer experience.


Not only are these expensive, but they also take up more space than most people have in their living room or garage. These add a physical layer of reality to a VR experience


Another great VR technology, CAVEs are even more emmersive than Head Mounted Displays.


Less of a resource and more of an aspect of a Geek.Zone that makes it a great place to be.


Decorating the walls with wallpaper or paintings is quite common, but have you ever thought about making the floor a centrepiece? This example uses the Geek.Zone black & yellow, and could also feature the Geek.Zone logo.


Philips Hue could be combined with smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo, so that member can say, "Turn on the Geek.Zone," as they enter, or "Turn off the Geek.Zone," if they are the last to leave.

Magic Ceiling

The ceiling of the Hogwarts Great Hall is impossible in the real world, right? Well, with some cleverly placed projectors, we can certainly give the illusion that you are about to meet the sorting hat! Alternatively, this could be combined with Stellarium to show the night sky that is covered by clouds, light pollution and, of course, that annoying roof.

Lager than Life Games

These are big, and sometimes messy!

Bottle Drinks Glasses

At Geek.Zone, we are all about recycling and particularly upcycling. It helps us look after the environment and do more with less. Drinks glasses made from bottles not only look great, they are free too!

Musical Instruments

A Geek.Zone is not just about tech and gadgets. They can help to support your artistic endeavours too! Learning a musical instrument can have many mental and physical advantages, however they can be very costly. Each Geek.Zone could be home to instruments you might not otherwise have access to, such as;

  • Bagpipes
  • Bass Clarinets
  • Piano

Sensory Room

Sometimes, we all need a space where we can go to simply zone out. Sensory rooms are a relaxed space that gently stimulates sight, sound and smell to do just that, as well as much more.

Media Production


A professional quality green screen studio setup, as well as professional 4K cameras and the computational power to drive them, could allow streamers and vloggers to do their best work.


Some of the best productions are audio only. A radio studio will allow DJs, podcasters and live radio presenters to shine.


Getting great drone shots has become significantly cheaper in recent years, however, a good quadcopter will still set you back over £1000. Geek.Zone could community purchase a range of drones, suited for different purposes, from small and nimble to big, industrial units.

We could also invest in education by acquiring professional software like Pix4D. This is very expensive for individuals, but non-profits can apply for a perpetual, non-commercial licence.


Since each Geek.Zone is for more than making, our cinema could show all the classic movies, as well as the latest flics.


If you ever dreamt of having a "Beauty and The Beast" style library, then you could be in your element! With the space to house them, we could collect more books than you can shake a stick at, and perhaps even the rolling ladders!


Geek.Zone could continue to expand its computer and board game collection and make them available for members at any time.
Since we are purchasing as a community, we could acquire more expensive sets such as the Square Off.



Making costumes for cosplay can be difficult without the space to lay materials out. From seeing machines to digital knitting machines, our spaces could give members the space to create the perfect design.

3D Printing

If you are developing a new product, 3D printing might be a great way to do it. It allows you to produce new prototypes in hours, rather that weeks, which leads to reduced time to market. Our 3D printers could range from quick and cheap, to industrial quality.

Laser Cutter

Everything is better with lasers! A laser cutter allows one to engrave materials with specific designs and images, as well as cut intricate shapes with great precision.

Power Tools

Sometimes, hammering in loads of nails or sawing lots of wood can be a drag. We could have nailguns and table saws in every Geek.Zone to make the whole process a breeze!

Honesty Shop

The Geek.Zone Honesty Shops could help you to save money and support our great, geeky, Geek.Zone community.