!Immediate Danger to Life
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!Mental Health First Aid
Samaritans Suicide Hotline:
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::[tel:116123|116 123]::

  • Free from all UK phones
  • Does not show up on phone bills
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The following organisations can help if you are going through a personal crisis.

!!In their words
We help people change their behaviour to become the very best that they can be. It could be their drug or alcohol use or worries about their mental health – we support people to make lasting change in their lives.
* Website:
* Closest Centres
||District|Centre Name|Centre Address|Centre Telephone|Centre Opening Times
Geek.Zone/Coventry|[|Stoke Recovery Service]|2 Broad Street, First Floor%%%Hanley%%%Stoke on Trent%%%Staffordshire%%%ST1 4HL|01782 956119|Mon – Fri: 9:00-17:00%%%Sat: 9:00-13:00
Geek.Zone/Chelmsford|Local services only available for HMP residents. See Geek.Zone/London
Geek.Zone/London|[|Addaction Lambeth]|Lorraine Hewitt House%%%12-14 Brighton Terrace%%%Brixton%%%London%%%Greater London%%%SW9 8DG|0203 228 1500|Mon – Fri: 9:30-16:30||

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* (alias(suicide))