Fair Use Policy

Geek.Zone allows non-members to attend up to 5 events before they are asked to join. The exception to this rule is our open events where anyone can come and enjoy Geek.Zone to get to know everyone a bit better. A non-member can attend open events without the strict 5 event limit, however, we ask that fair consideration is applied.

Take an exercise equipment shop, for example. The treadmills are freely available for you to try and the manager will encourage you to do so to ensure you are satisfied. A “[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_man_on_the_Clapham_omnibus|reasonable person]”, however, would think that treating the shop as a [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkS22r8HMsM|free gym] would not be fair, as the owner must pay for their advertising, equipment and other costs.

Equally, Geek.Zone hopes that you do enjoy our open events. Do use your introductory events and the open events to better understand whether you would like to join us. A lot goes into organising a free event that is not always immediately obvious, so like the shop keeper, we have costs to meet. Moreover, we also have a community to protect. Please be considerate and remember that not only do you get far more from ((membership)), but also it’s only £1!

!How many is “Fair”?
A total of 5 normal Geek.Zone events plus 5 open events might not be seen as entirely unreasonable.

If you attend more than a total of 10 events, however, than that clearly demonstrates that you do like Geek.Zone. If you want to continue to attend Geek.Zone events, we do need you to agree to the ((Constitution|Geek.Zone/Constitution)) and the ((ethos|Geek.Zone/Ethos)) to protect the Geek.Zone community. To do this, please ((Join|join Geek.Zone)).

!List of Open Events
Our open events currently include;
* ”Pint Night” at Geek.Zone/Coventry