The EU [|General Data Protection Regulation] is legislation that better protects the privacy rights of individuals. The key change from the Data Protection act is that individuals must now opt in, rather than being able to opt out of being kept on an organisations records.

!How it Affects Geek.Zone
Members demonstrate their decision to opt into communication from Geek.Zone by paying the annual membership fee. If the membership fee is overdue for more than six months, Geek.Zone will assume that you no longer wish to be a member and delete your personal details. Anything that you have shared publicly will remain visible. After this point, if you wish to rejoin Geek.Zone, you will need to re-register.

!Post Brexit
Regardless of how the British political landscape might change, Geek.Zone will always aim to ensure that everyone that wants to be a member is kept up to date, and anyone that does not want to be a member is not annoyed by us.

!How to Request Removal
If you want us to remove your information from our records completely, please email [email protected].

* (alias(General Data Protection Regulation))