Paragraph 14 of the ((Constitution|Geek.Zone/Constitution)) requires that Geek.Zone provides Information to new Trustees. As an ((open)) charity, the ((Trustees)) felt that this information would be useful to everyone. It’s not intended to be formal, corporate or stuffy in any way, but still informative. As with all our knowledgebase, it is subject to change, so don’t memorise it, refer to it!

The ((Treasury|Geek.Zone/Treasury)) provides monthly and annual financial accounts. Geek.Zone is absolutely transparent about how it spends money.

The Geek.Zone/Constitution is available at ((Constitution|Geek.Zone/Constitution)).


Geek.Zone expects all members, no matter what they do at Geek.Zone to abide by the ((Constitution|Geek.Zone/Constitution)) and to respect the ((Ethos|Geek.Zone/Ethos)).
Geek.Zone expects Trustees to;
* Actively lead the Geek.Zone community by example
* Facilitate community development
* Look after Geek.Zone as they would their own child

Trustees can expect Geek.Zone to;
* Not overload them with work
* Provide a representative reference
* Treat them with respect

Geek.Zone expects volunteers to;
* Complete the tasks they have committed to
* Update the team via Trello
* Be ambassadors for the Geek.Zone community

Volunteers can expect Geek.Zone to;
* Not overload them with work
* Provide a representative reference
* Treat them with respect

Geek.Zone expects members to;
* Be respectful of other members
* Respect other members right to enjoy Geek.Zone
* Raise any concerns with a Trustee

Geek.Zone members expect Geek.Zone to;
* Look out for their best interests as individuals
* Protect the Geek.Zone Community
* Build Geek.Zone to find more amazing Geeks!

Geek.Zone has many long term goals. Primarily, we are looking to open Geek.Zone/01 in 2020. Our [https://trello.com/b/IK2YhWnf|Long Term Goals] Trello board lists the Geek.Zone targets for the next ~30 years.
Geek.Zone currently has almost 100 paid-up “Sand” members. It is important to note that, since we have only been promoting membership for a short time, this is not fully representative of the Geek.Zone community as a whole. We have over 600 meetup followers in Coventry and almost 1000 in London, for example. We expect the official membership number to grow in the near future.
!Member Support
Geek.Zone is currently building relationships with organisations that can provide urgent mental health support. If a member is going through a crisis, they should go to ((Crisis|Geek.Zone/Crisis)), where they will find all the information they need.
The Geek.Zone ((telephone)) line can also be used for anyone wanting a bit of companionship. It’s answered by volunteers, so please be patient if we can’t answer your call on the first go.
!First Aiders
Hannah Baller is our First Aider in Coventry.
!Emergency Contact
If you are an event organiser at an event where a trustee is not in attendance and you need to contact a next of kin, call 03000300030.
!Policies & Procedures
All Geek.Zone/Policies are listed at ((Policies|Geek.Zone/Policies)).
Geek.Zone maintains ((Affiliations|affiliations)) with various institutional bodies.
!Regular Events
The most regular event that Geek.Zone runs is our Pint Night. This is a very informal, laid-back mixer in a local pub where members and non-members alike can get together and play games, have a few bevvies (alcoholic or not) and enjoy some propa pub grub. Geek.Zone/Chelmsford runs its Pint Night on the 4th Friday of the month and Geek.Zone/Coventry runs its every Friday. Geek.Zone/London is currently seeking an ((Jobs|Event Organiser team)), so is currently unable to run one.
Geek.Zone/Coventry also runs the following events at least once each month;
* Gr8Bit – retro console gaming night
* 2D Parlour – board gaming day
* GrubHub – community dinner
* Invade the Castle – historic visit
!Tech Stuff
Geek Zone currently uses [http://trello.com/geekzone|Trello] for project management. Think of Trello of the digital equivalent of a real cork board with lists of sticky notes.
{youtube movie=”tVooja0Ta5I” width=”425″ height=”350″ quality=”high” allowFullScreen=”y”}
All our boards are publicly viewable, due to our ((Openness Policy)). As a volunteer or Trustee you will need access write on the boards, so please [https://trello.com/en-GB/signup|register with Trello] then email your username to [email protected] for an invitation if you have not already had one.
The Dev Group intend to bring this functionality into Geek.Zone in the future, so that you don’t have to sign up for another “thing”. For the time being, Trello is good enough.
Currently, Trustees are given an @geek.zone email address using Gsuite, previously known as Google Apps. This uses Gmail, so one can use the Gmail mobile app to access it from your mobile device, or [http://mail.geek.zone|mail.geek.zone] from anywhere else where Google services are available.
In the future, the Dev Group plans to expand the use of Gmail in the future to provide all members with an @geek.zone email address. This will allow them to access services that are only available to those with an organisation email address. The Dev Group also intends to build a Single Sign-On system so that Geek.Zone members can register with Geek.Zone and use the same credentials to access their Geek.Zone emails.
Meetup.com is one of the platforms that Geek.Zone uses to advertise events. It is free for attendees, but organisers (like us) pay approximately £110 per year to publish on the site.
!!Geek.Zone (Website)
Due to our ((Openness Policy)), everything on Geek.Zone is done in the wiki way. This means that, like Wikipedia, everything on this site can be edited by every Geek.Zone member. This does not take any coding skill, just the ability to use a keyboard and hit “Save”. This empowers the community to share knowledge throughout the community, as well as allowing the Dev Group to focus on doing Dev, rather than maintenance!
The ((Trustees|Geek.Zone/Trustees)) take legal responsibility for Geek.Zone as a parent is responsible for a child. Most Trustees attend most LDT meetings.
!!LDT Team
The “Let’s Do This!” or LDT team looks after the administrative side of Geek.Zone to ensure that all the behind-the-scenes activities are taken care of. This ensures that members have a great time at events. Each District can have an LDT team. Any member can join their local LDT team without need for an election.
!! Dev Group
The Developer Group, or Dev Group for short, looks after all the technological aspects of Geek.Zone which currently includes the website. The Dev Group are currently working on;
* Membership Management
* Mobile App
* ((Geek.Zone (Physical Space)|Geek.Zone)) Door Entry
* Geek.Zone/Shop integration
The Geek.Zone/Treasury look after all Geek.Zone finances.
The Quartermaster looks after all Geek.Zone physical assets (stuff). It is a voluntary position and is unelected. The Quartermaster General is currently James Geddes.
{include page=”Districts”}
A District can have more than one ((Geek.Zone (Physical Space)|Geek.Zone)) (physical space). Currently, no District has a Geek.Zone, however Geek.Zone/Coventry is due to open Geek.Zone/01 in 2020.
Geek.Zone does not have a uniform per se, however, we would strongly encourage Trustees and Volunteers to purchase at least a Geek.Zone T-Shirt from the ((Shop|Geek.Zone/Shop)). This will help to identify them while they are carrying out Geek.Zone functions.
!Important Pages
Clearly all Geek.Zone pages are important, however, there are far too many to take in all at once, so these are a good starting point. In no particular order;
* ((Geek.Zone (Organisation)|(Geek.Zone (Organisation)))
* ((Geek.Zone (Physical Space)|(Geek.Zone (Physical Space)))
* ((AGM))
* ((Jobs))
* ((Events))
* ((Trustees))
* ((Treasury))
* ((Membership))
* ((Logo))
* ((Geek.Zone/01))
* ((Wishlist))
For everything else, –there’s mastercard– just use the search in the top right, or bottom on mobile.

* (alias(Information for New Trustees))
* (alias(employeehandbook))
* (alias(trusteehandbook))
* (alias(newtrusteehandbook))
* (alias(stakeholderhandbook))