Honesty Shop

The Geek.Zone Honesty Shops are just like any other shop, except that there is nobody making sure you provide the correct money. Instead, it is based on honesty and what you can afford.

Products are marked with a suggested contribution. If you are;
* a bit [https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=brassic|brassic], just pay what you can
* a few days away from payday, just pay when you can
* able, put in a little extra to help keep the shop going

Cards, contactless and cash are accepted, so you can pay however you like. Our first Honesty Shop will be based in ((01|Geek.Zone/01)), when it opens.

Take a look at how you can save money by ((Community Purchasing|purchasing together)), as well as how you can benefit by helping to ((Build Our Geek.Zone|build our Geek.Zone)).

* (alias(honestyshop))