Brand Assets and Guidelines

While we don’t want to be corporate and stuffy, it is important to us that we are represented in the right way as this helps others to find us. This guide will help you do that correctly!

The Geek.Zone logo can be used to show affiliation with Geek.Zone or when something is being run by Geek.Zone. In either case, it should be included with a link to an appropriate page on Geek.Zone, such as an article, or at very least Geek.Zone itself. You are free to use these images as long as you credit Geek.Zone, including a link to http://Geek.Zone, and share them under the [|Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license].

Publications that are designed by Geek.Zone members, for and on behalf of Geek.Zone, do not need to provide attribution.
!Geek.Zone Name Usage
Just to be clear, the Geek.Zone name should be used in the following ways.

While our name is said, “geek zone”, it must always be written with a capital G and a capital Z, as well as a dot following the k. This links the name to our website and makes it look a bit more geeky, which is always a good thing.

When writing about one of our ((Districts)), their names should be stylised as follows;
* Geek.Zone/Coventry
* Geek.Zone/Chelmsford
* Geek.Zone/London

When referring to the organisation, it is best to use the general form, for example;
* “Geek.Zone is…”
* “Jane from Geek.Zone spoke at the event”
* “Geek.Zone has…”

When writing about one of our community centres, one should use the singular form, for example,
* “The Geek.Zone in Coventry has…” or,
* “Every Geek.Zone is…”
* “John went to the Geek.Zone”

We often verbally use the term “”geek zoners”” to describe members. In writing, however, those with ((Sand Membership)) or ((Space Membership)) should be referred to as “Geek.Zone Members”.

We ask that the following terms are not used in writing as they could lead to confusion.
* Geek.Zones
* Geek.Zoner
* Geek.Zoners

We are forced to make these requests as, unfortunately, the following [|gTLD’s] do not exist.

If you were to use one of these terms, people might think that you are referring to a website, then get frustrated when the link is appears to be “broken”. For example, a popular travel provider ran a campaign that mentioned the non-existent “[|.yeah]” gTLD. Since it was in the closing “call to action” section of the advert, it was all that many people remembered. This lead to [|tremendous confusion] as well as loss of custom, so they subsequently decided to pull the advert after lots of time and money wasted. If you like Geek.Zone enough to write about us, please help others to find us by ensuring that they are not sucked into the same trap!

!!Main Logo
This is the official, main Geek.Zone logo

{img fileId=”30″ thumb=”box”}

This is available in the following formats

[|SVG]|RGB|Digital publications such as PDF flyers
[|AI]|CMYK|Print publications, such as banners
[|PNG]|RGB|Web, such as social media||

Here’s a variation that includes the “Geek.Zone” text.

{img fileId=”33″ thumb=”box”}

  • [|AI, Transparent]
  • [|AI, yellow background]

We also have a half banner size…

{img fileId=”32″}

…and a leaderboard.

{img fileId=”31″}

This is useful when the background is both light enough to make the black outline visible, and important enough to need to be seen through the logo.

  • [|SVG]
  • [|AI]
  • [|PNG]

!!Red & Yellow
This variation is great when the background is dark or the publication colours are particularly vibrant, such as Pride.

  • [|SVG]
  • [|PNG]

Titles should be written in Impact.

Body text should be written in Courier New.

Publications that are intended to promote Geek.Zone or direct people to a Geek.Zone event must prominently feature the Geek.Zone logo, with other logos being sized at least 75% smaller than the Geek.Zone logo.

The name ”Geek.Zone” must always be stylised as


Note the capital G and capital Z, as well as the . that separates the two words.

When displaying URLs on printed or digital signage, do not include -+http://www.+-. Modern browsers do this automatically and it looks untidy.

CamelCase should be utilised where possible, so for example


should be displayed as


Equally, the shortened form of URLs should be used where possible, so for example


should be displayed as
!! Colours
Geek.Zone uses standard, 100% colours.


Geek.Zone currently uses Instant Print for the majority of its print needs. They publish templates ready for use in your favourite design software.
* [!?lamination=no&size=2000-x-1000-mm&paper=220mic-banner-pvc&sided=single&rangesizeq=0|Banner]
* [!?rangesizeq=0|A1 Poster]
* [!?lamination=no&size=large-630-x-2800mm&paper=115gsm-flagknit-aeromesh&sided=single&finish=none&artworkq=0|Flag]

* (alias(brand))
* (alias(logo))
* (alias(Brand Assets))