Risk Management Policy

Geek.Zone will manage risk (risk should be read as including both threats and opportunity), effectively and in a consistent manner in all aspects of its business including planning, delivering, operating and overseeing programmes and performance. We will develop and encourage a culture of well-informed risk-based decision making.

We shall be a charity that;

  • Makes risk management a part of strategic and tactical decision making such that whenever there are risks that could significantly affect charity operations, projects and programmes, resources are deployed proportional to these risks.
  • Maintains a current risk appetite and tolerance statement, communicates this risk statement across the charity, and makes decisions about operations and projects consistent with that statement.
  • Establishes and maintains charity wide procedures, practices and processes so as to ensure compliance with applicable standards and contractual provisions, and remain consistent with other entities with similar risks.
  • Provides clearly defined and documented accountabilities for risk management, with risks being managed at the lowest level at which the manager has the authority, responsibility and resources to take effective action.
  • Ensures risks are managed in an integrated way across all levels of the organisation covering the key interdependencies i.e. strategic, programme, project and operational risk.
  • Develops and maintains a core competency in risk management and has a robust continuous improvement and learning culture, that learns from internal and external experience, assesses our performance against high standards and supports personnel growth and development.
  • Requires the involvement of all members
  • Ensures effective assurance arrangements are in place to monitor the effectiveness of the risk management processes on a routine basis.
  • Regular reviews and updates of risks facing the community and how they are being mitigated, and ensures that these are visible throughout the charity.
  • Incorporates credible risks in all significant planning efforts.
  • Benchmarks our risk management processes to recognised good practices, guidelines and standards and incorporates lessons learnt from inside and outside of the organisation.

This policy will be reviewed annually.