Volunteer Policy

Some sections of this policy are in draft.

!!Why do we involve volunteers in our work?
We involved volunteers in our works to better strengthen the community. Together,
!!What values or principles is this based on?
Everything Geek.Zone does is based on the ((Constitution|Geek.Zone/Constitution)) and the ((Ethos|Geek.Zone/Ethos)).

!!How and where will we advertise opportunities?
We advertise via charityjobs.co.uk and Geek.Zone/Jobs
!!What recruitment methods will we use eg application forms, interviews?
We ask you to provide your CV via charity jobs, then we will have an informal telephone interview.
!!What will we do if someone is unsuitable for the role?
As an ((Openness Policy|open organisation)), we will be very honest if we think a candidate is not suitable for a role.
!!How and when will references be taken up?
We will ask for references once we are happy that you are suitable for the role.
!!What roles if any will require DBS checks?
Our more responsible positions require DBS checks. This includes but is not limited to roles within the,
* Treasury
* Trustees
* Senior Software Development team

!Induction and training
!!How are volunteers welcomed into the organisation?
Their supervisor will meet with the volunteer on a one-to-one basis and explain everything that is required.
!!What information are they given?
In addition to the ((handbook|handbook)), the volunteer will be provided with any role-specific information they need.
!!What training if any is essential to the role?

!!What opportunities to develop skills will volunteers have?

!!What expenses will be covered?
!!How will they be paid?

!Support and supervision
!!What support and supervision is available?
!!How frequently will it take place?

!!What is the level of cover?
!!Are there any boundaries eg age and location?

!Equal opportunities
!!Are volunteers covered by our equal opportunities policy?
!!What does this mean for volunteers?

!Health and safety
!!How do we exercise our legal duty of care to volunteers?
!!How is information regarding health and safety communicated to volunteers?

! Problem-solving
!!What processes are available to enable volunteers to raise issues they are concerned about?
!!How are any problems with the work of volunteers addressed?

!!What is required of volunteers?
!!How are volunteers protected?