Geek.Zone/Web is the community platform that the Geek.Zone/Dev team are building to allow members to do everything they need as a Geek.Zone member. It is called Geek.Zone/Web mainly because we are bad at naming things.


We tried many different off-the-shelf options, and while they are all great in their own way,

  • many social media platforms do more to divide us than to unite us
  • existing community management tools are not suitable for the needs of modern communities

We, therefore, wanted to take the opportunity to

  • create learning opportunities for members
  • provide mentorship & coaching to those members so that they can grow personally and professionally
  • solve this unique challenge in a way that is


It is being written in Python using the Django and Tailwind frameworks. Python is one of the most popular programming languages right now, a trend which shows no sign of slowing. The skills gained through this project will be relevant and transferable for years to come.

We are also working on using Terraform to ensure high availability, by building a cluster that spans multiple availability zones and providers. Our intention is that dinosaurs will be roaming the earth once more before Geek.Zone goes down!


Our future aim is that this platform should be useful to any community organisation on a white-label basis. In the future, any organisation could run the platform on their own infrastructure, or ask Geek.Zone to host it for them, for which we would only ask a monthly donation. This will provide,

  • an additional donation stream for Geek.Zone.
  • valuable real-world learning opportunities for members.


We are an open organisation, so naturally, all our code is licenced under GPLv3 and freely available at our GitHub. Pull requests welcome!

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