Geek.Zone/Minecraft is currently powered down. If you want it to come back online, join today!

Geek.Zone/Minecraft is the fourth District of Geek.Zone and is currently the only one in a virtual reality.

Getting There

You can visit by opening your minecraft viewer and adding the external server -



Geek.Zone/Minecraft has a few simple rules, just to make things clear. These are in line with the existing GeekZone Constitution and ethos, however, they are in place to ensure that everyone knows what to expect. This is to ensure the enjoyment of everyone that visits Geek.Zone/Minecraft. Geek.Zone may have no choice but to terminate the membership of anyone that breaks these rules, in line with the constitution.

  1. Respect what others build
    Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people in video games through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering. Don't do it!
  2. Respect the right to life
    Don't kill each other unless you are both happy with it
  3. Respect the stuff that others collect
    People work hard to build their resources in GeekZone Minecraft, don't rob them of that
  4. Farm responsibly
    Too many mobs can lead to server crashes which needs admin assistance to rectify. Please ensure that you farm responsibly so that everyone can enjoy GeekZone Minecraft. If you want to help upgrade the server, donate now!
  5. Have fun!
    GeekZone Minecraft is a fun place to meet people and create awesome stuff, so jump in! Anyone found to not be having fun will be banned!!! (Obviously, this is a joke!)


Post a Mod Installation Request on the forum if you have found a mod that you think would be interesting to your fellow Geek.Zoners. If you would like a feature to be made available, but have not been able to find a mod for it, post that too and everyone will be able to suggest suitable mods.


Geek.Zone/Minecraft is the first district to have its own Geek.Zone space, even if it is only made of internet blocks. It is located at 552,77,937, where you will find everything you need in order to get started, such as

  • tools
  • food
  • beds
  • and - of course - fishing rods

These chests have been filled by community effort, so remember to give some if you take some.


When Geek.Zone/Mincraft, it will host regular events, so watch this space!


Geek.Zone is great, but with your support, together we can build an even better Geek.Zone!