As an individual has a legal guardian as a child, Geek.Zone has a group of Trustees that take legal responsibility for Geek.Zone. They ensure that Geek.Zone does not get into any trouble and that it is using its resources responsibly.

Trustees are elected annually and the results are announced at the AGM. There are three positions that are required;

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

If any of those positions become vacant during the year, the other Trustees have the power to appoint someone to fill the post until the next election. While a minimum of these positions must be filled, there is no upper limit on the number of Trustees that Geek.Zone can have at any one time.

The Trustees this year are;

James Geddes, Chair
Hannah Baller, Secretary
Matthew Wadland, Treasurer

Becoming a Trustee

The position of Trustee carries the most responsibility within Geek.Zone, as you are part of the team that is legally responsible for everything that Geek.Zone does. Equally, it is a very rewarding position, as you get to drive Geek.Zone forward and have a big part in helping it to level up!

Trustees are elected at each AGM or at special elections throughout the year. Since there is no limit on the number of Trustees that Geek.Zone can have, candidates do not stand against each other. Insead, the community decides whether to elect each person or not on an individual basis.

All Trustees must be a Geek.Zone member. While it is not obligatory, it is preferable for Trustees to hold monthly membership, as this helps to lead by example.

The Geek.Zone handbook is a helpful guide for new Trustees, as well as members in general. It is updated frequently so refer to it, rather than memorising it.