What is GeekZone? What does it do?

GeekZone helps geeks to meet other other geeks. It does not matter what your interest is, there are people at GeekZone who love it just as much as you do. Perhaps even more!


Why should I join?

By joining GeekZone, you join a community of people that love the same stuff that you do. You will make new friends and together, experience things in a way that  is simply not possible with non-geeks; they just don't get it.


Where is GeekZone based?

GeekZone currently has six "Districts", a number that is growing rapidly. These are 

GeekZoneCoventry Coventry & West Midlands
GeekZoneChelmsford Chelmsford & East Anglia
GeekZoneLondon London
GeekZoneMinecraft Minecraft & Virtual Space
GeekZoneHarlow Harlow & West Anglia
GeekZoneCardiff Cardiff & South Wales


How much does it cost?

GeekZone membership is free. Yes, that's right, zip, zero, nada, $0, £0, €0 - even ¥0!

Some events do have external costs, such as venue hire, refreshments, tickets etc. Where possible, GeekZone always tries to keep these as low as possible so that everyone can enjoy everything together.


How do I get involved?


The first thing to do is join! This lets you become part of the community right now. There's blogs, discussions, cute cat photos - so much to get your teeth into.

Come Along

Next, come along to an event. Each District runs its calendar via meetup, so take a look at your local one or join us at GeekZoneMinecraft!


Finally, head over to GeekZoneWiki and create an account there too. This is where everything GeekZone is stored and managed, and since it's open for everyone to edit, you can make changes too!


Where can I find more information?

You can learn more about GeekZone on GeekZoneWiki:



Too Long, Didn't Read:


GeekZone is the community for geeks. We do events and projects that let you enjoy what you love with people that get it. 

Get involved now!