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A GeekZone project is where an individual or group of members build something for our fellow geeks in the GeekZone community. We do this because we think it's a really interesting project that others would find useful or cool. It's not about us as individuals, it's about building something awesome together.

All GeekZone projects must therefore be open source, and free in every way - both as in free beer and as in free speech. This makes sure that everyone in the GeekZone community, as well as the wider world, can use and help improve them without restriction. It also prevents any confusion about who owns what, because everyone agrees to waive their own copyright for the greater good. We therefore release everything under the GNU GPL v3. Take a look at the intro video from the Free Software Foundation to learn more about why.

If you have an idea for a GeekZone project, follow the handy guide. Take a look at the projects category to see projects that are currently under-way.

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