An Unexpected Setback for Geek.Zone/01, But Our Journey Continues

Today, I bring you news with a heavy heart regarding our much-anticipated new space, Geek.Zone/01, in Leamington Spa. Despite our best efforts and preparations, we have encountered an unforeseen and disappointing setback. The landlord of the property on Lansdowne Road, which was to be our new home, has unexpectedly retracted their offer of providing the space to us.

This last-minute change of plans has left us, understandably, deeply disheartened. We had envisioned the space as not just a physical location, but as a beacon of community, creativity, and technological innovation in Leamington. The loss of this opportunity is not just a setback for Geek.Zone, but also a significant loss for our wider community. The potential that Geek.Zone/01 held for fostering local talent, providing educational opportunities, and creating a hub for like-minded individuals is immense, and its absence will be keenly felt.

Let us not forget, however, that every challenge also brings new opportunities. Geek.Zone has always been more than just a physical space – it is a community, a movement, a collective of brilliant minds united by passion, creativity, and innovation. This setback will not deter us from our mission. We are resilient, and our commitment to establishing Geek.Zone/01 remains unwavering.

We are actively exploring all available options to find a new home for Geek.Zone/01. Our journey continues, and we need your support more than ever. This is a call to action for all members of Geek.Zone and those who believe in our cause. We are seeking volunteers who can contribute in various capacities – whether you are a fundraiser, coder, artist, event organiser, or someone who simply believes in the power of community and technology, your skills and enthusiasm are needed.

Join us in making Geek.Zone/01 a reality. Your involvement could make all the difference in turning our shared vision into a tangible space where creativity and technology converge for the betterment of our community. Together, we can overcome this challenge and emerge stronger.

Let us channel our collective disappointment into positive action. Join us, volunteer, and be a part of this exciting journey. Geek.Zone/01 is not just a space; it is a dream that we all share, and with your help, it will become a reality.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in Geek.Zone. We look forward to creating something extraordinary together.

Join us // Volunteer // Make a Difference

Together, we can build a home for innovation and creativity. Be a part of Geek.Zone/01.

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