Doors to Open at Geek.Zone/01

I am delighted to announce that I have signed the contract to secure a property for our community space, Geek.Zone/01!

The property is in Lansdowne Street in Leamington Spa and has ample space for us to host many different events. While this is slightly further away from Coventry city centre than we had hoped, it is being offered to us on a rental cost of £0 per month, so will be a great first step.

Take a look around with me!

Join James has he views our new home for Geek.Zone/01

As you can see, it needs some aesthetic TLC. This includes things like painting, sweeping, cabling and more, so please post in the #lets-do-this channel on our Discord if you are able to help!

This means that we can soon conclude our use of storage facilities, which have been costing us a lot of money, without being of any benifit to members. At Geek.Zone/01, we will now be able to allow all members to access all our kit at any time.

We have not been given a move-in date as yet, however have been assured that it will be in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to holding our AGM in our own space for the first time!

Getting there


20, 22 Lansdowne Street
Leamington Spa
CV32 4SP



Transport from Coventry is fairly easy.

  • Bus
    • National Express 11 bus runs from Coventry to Leamington
    • Fully electric.
    • Approximately 1 hour on the bus and 7 mins walking.
  • Train
    • CrossCountry runs trains from Coventry to Reading, stopping at Leamington.
    • Approximately 10 minutes on the train and 18 mins walking.
  • Car
    • There is ample on-street parking in the vicinity.
    • Approximately 20 minutes.
    • If carpooling, remember to give the driver some money for fuel or electric!

What do you think? I am certainly looking forward to holding many exciting events at Geek.Zone/01!

Join us on Discord to discuss!

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