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If you have created an item on Zazzle and would like to advertise it to the GeekZone community, or if you have just found something awesome on Zazzle, follow this guide so that you can support GeekZone without any expense to you! This will allow GeekZone to receive 15% of the sale price as a referral fee. If enough people buy Zazzle items via GeekZone, this could get up to 32%!

This is a click-by-click guide. There are lots of steps but all of them are very easy.

  1. Find the address of your item
    This is in the address bar and will look something like this[name of your time]-[long number]
  2. Add ?rf=238770068874347674
    This is the GeekZone affiliate code on Zazzle. It tells Zazzle that GeekZone has referred a customer to them.
    Zazzle then gives GeekZone 15% of that sale - you still your normal creators fee.
    You should now have a URL that looks like this;[name of your time]-[long number]?rf=238770068874347674
    Keep this safe, you will need it later on!
  3. Join or log into GeekZone
    You already did this though, didn't you!
  4. Head to Geek.Zone/Shop
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Enter a name for your item in "Title"
  7. Ensure that "Visible" is ticked"
    It is ticked by default, so just leave it ticked
  8. Enter a price in British Pounds
  9. Select a category from the list
    If the category you need is not available, post on the GeekZoneForum
  10. Click the camera icon to add a picture of your item
  11. Under the picture in the description box, write some interesting stuff about the item
    Remember to say that every sale helps to support GeekZone!
  12. Under your item spiel, leave a couple of blank lines
  13. Click the chain icon
    We are going to link to your item!
  14. In "Text to display:" copy and paste this
    <img src="" />
    This will show the "Buy Now" button that you see elsewhere on GeekZoneShop
  15. In "To what URL should this link go:", enter the URL you made before
    The one that looks like this;[name of your time]-[long number]?rf=238770068874347674
  16. Ensure that "Open in new window" is ticket
    It is ticked by default so just leave it ticked
  17. Click "Insert"
  18. Click "Save"
  19. On the item page, click "Add Photo"
    It's on the right
  20. Click "Choose file"
  21. Select a picture of your item
  22. If you want to include another image, click a different "Choose file"
  23. Select another image
  24. When you have selected all the images you like, click "Save"
  25. Done!
    Your item is now available on GeekZoneShop!