Guides/Starting a New Project

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So you have an idea for a project that you would like to do with friends at GeekZone? Great stuff! Here is how you can get it on the road.

  1. Look at the other projects in the projects category
    There may be one that is similar to your idea that you could join in with
  2. Post on the forum to see if anyone else would be interested in helping out
    This is always good to do, as it gives everyone the chance to get involved
  3. Make an article on GeekZoneWiki
    Remember to include it in the Projects category - add this tag to the bottom of the article
  4. If the project contains any coding, join GeekZoneHQ on GitHub
    This is where we store and publish all the code that we write.
  5. Ask a District Regent to make a new team on GitHub if you need it
    GitHub teams let you code with others on the project

That's it! Get building!