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The GeekZoneTreasury is the economic and finance office of GeekZone. It maintains control over GeekZone spending and sets guidelines to allow GeekZone to grow sustainably, while being responsible with its resources.

Responsibility for the GeekZone Treasury rests on the Treasurer

Unfortunately, GeekZone does not currently have any actual Treasure.

Incumbent Treasurer

A list of current Trustees can be found on the Trustee page.

Monthly Expenses

As you might imagine, GeekZone has lots of ongoing costs that are required in order to let us continue to do what we do. These are the major ones.

Description Monthly Cost (GBP) Organiser Fees £12
Web Hosting £5
Total £17


All payments made by GeekZone must be authorized by at least 2 people, these people must be either a Trustee or a District Regent.

A person may not be 1 of the 2 people needed to authorize a payment if they are the one receiving that payment for a GeekZone related expense.

No person will be reimbursed for a GeekZone related expense without a receipt, invoice or bank statement showing what the payment was for.


GeekZone does not receive any grants or lottery funding (yet), it relies solely on community support. If you love GeekZone and want GeekZone to continue, please consider supporting your community!

Treasury Forms

Deposit Cash Into Paypal

Monthly Report

The GeekZoneTreasury publishes a Monthly Report on the financial state of GeekZone.

Annual Report

The GeekZone Treasury publishes a Report on the financial state of GeekZone over the last year. The Treasurer provides a summary of it at the AGM.