Geek.Zone is the not-for-profit community for geeks! We come together through our shared interests, so no matter what your hobby or passion is, you are sure to find like-minded people at Geek.Zone!


Let’s build an awesome community where knowledge, passion and curiosity are freely expressed and encouraged; where individuals can enjoy exciting, new experiences and make great, new friends in a relaxed and welcoming environment; where, together, we can help each other through thick and thin.


We are here to fight for the right to be ”geek”.

There is still a stigma against geekery and being smart. We are here to let every geek know that they are not alone, and to encourage everyone to embrace their geek side. We believe that we are better together, so get involved and spread the geek love!

Don’t think you are a geek? Come along to an event and discover your inner geek! Remember, “geek” is a compliment!

Where did you come from?

Geek.Zone was founded in Coventry on 2013-11-17, with the aim of uniting the geeks so that, together, we can discern the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, learn Kung Fu, and perhaps even have a nice game of chess. After all, when you’re part of a team, the sky’s the limit.

Where did you go?

As a Geek.Zone community, together we;

  • Support each other
  • Fight to change the negative perception of “geek”
  • Create links with local organisations

We have taken the following actions to build our great community.

How We Do It

(Cotton Eye Joe!)

We currently have three Districts;

  • Geek.Zone/Coventry
  • Geek.Zone/Chelmsford
  • Geek.Zone/London

Each runs their own events, however, all run a ”Pint Night”, which is an easygoing evening in a local pub. This is often a great introduction to the IRL community! Take a look at the calendar to find out which events work well for you.

If getting to our meatspace events might be a bit difficult, then you can still join in the Geek.Zone community online! We also have forums, blogs, on-demand TV and radio as well as more in the pipeline. Get involved!


Here are some achievements that we are quite proud of.

  • Over 2000 followers on Meetup.com
  • Hundreds of friendships – and even a few weddings
  • Members featured on BBC radio
  • Member led events and spawn groups
  • Recognised with organisation membership of several internationally recognised, industry-leading organisations


At Geek.Zone, we believe in,

  • 🤗 Inclusion
    We believe that everyone is welcome at Geek.Zone. Everyone.
  • 📖 Openness
    We believe that absolute transparency helps us to build trust in everything we do.
  • 💛 Trust
    We believe in the good and the expertise in everyone.
  • 👍 Respect
    We believe that we should be excellent to each other.
  • 🤓 Education
    We believe that curiosity and knowledge are great.

We also like yellow. A lot.


Geek.Zone culture is all about,

  • Acceptance of everyone
    We love that everyone is different, because it is those differences and unique perspectives that help us all to be a better community.
  • Geek, nerd and pop culture
    Geek.Zone does exactly what it says on the tin! We are the zone for geeks! We love everything nerdy as these are the books, TV shows, movies, games and more that help to bring us together through shared interests.
  • Not taking ourselves too seriously
    You know what they say – always look on the bright side of life! Wherever possible, we strongly discourage formality, hierarchy and corporate BS, instead preferring to be rather silly. That’s why take every opportunity to sneak in a joke or a nerdy reference of some kind. How many of our easter eggs can you find?


Does that all sound good? Then join us! Membership is just £1 + £30 suggested donation per year and allows you to;

  • Attend all events
  • Vote in elections & referendums

Once you Join

We have put together a Handbook that gives you all the details you will need as a member. It also highlights all our important pages, policies and procedures.

More questions?

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions!